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The community of open content and open source developers maintain and curate collections by topic and source. If you are maintaining one of these collections, or would like to maintain one that is currently dormant or not yet maintained, please add your name below and on the individual page for that project.

To submit new materials, please post a description and link to your work, or send email with details to

OLPC networks

Local networks of laptops and school servers provide a platform for sharing existing knowledge and new ideas and cache materials from archives larger than individual school servers can hold.

Curators and maintainers are responsible for a single project or collection. They should be prepared to select from that collection two classes of activities or content bundles : those with a smaller footprint, for downloading to XOs (under 20MB, with moderate memory and cpu demands, are ideal); and those with a larger footprint, designed to be a resource to XOs, for school servers where available. Curators with websites should also consider creating or designing a child-friendly and language-neutral lens into their site.

Each topic, medium, and language also needs coordinators — people devoted to tracking the proliferation of projects, collections, and related efforts, and reviewing new submissions for quality and audience. Coordinators determine what content is needed, and convey these needs to individual curators, and can seek out new collections as well; they spend less time curating or maintaining projects directly.


A list of current curators and maintainers follows. Maintainers for an entire topic or verb tend to coordinate the efforts of each individual curator and maintainer within that space more than they work on an individual project.

Coordinators are responsible for connecting individual maintainers to each other within their group, and responding to related inquiries. This takes slightly more regular work than curation, and varies by the interest of new contributors. Note to coordinators: you may want to set up a Request Tracker account or list for your group, and you may want a separate trac component for it (in addition to separate components for individual active projects).

To become a curator/maintainer or coordinator, leave a message on the talk page.


see also the Activity grid. If you maintain one of the activities or topics below, please sign below.'

Activity Maintainer, related groups and people Comments
Browse Marco (see also: OLPC, others wanted) custom, from Firefox
Chat Morgs (see also: Collabora) unrelated to video chat
Video Chat Gdesmott (see also: Collabora) on hold, much requested
Cartoon Builder ?? (see also: Shannon @ WorldWideWorkshop) from a set of 12. see related Comic Maker


see also Collections

Group/org Liaison Curator
Open education portals
OER Commons [OERC]/ISKME Lisa Petrides Amee Godwin
Creative platforms
Curriki Bobbi Kurshan Joshua Marks(t)
Connexions Rich Baraniuk, Joel Thierstein Raymond Wagner
CK12 Joshua Gay Murugan Pal(t)
Wikiversity Cormac Lawler
Campaigns and outreach
Frankfurt LitCampaign Karin Ploetz Barbara Roelle
Google Literacy Jessica Powell
UN Millennium Campaign (game, texts)
Internet Archive Brewster Kahle -


Literacy, language learning (Ben Lowenstein)
Colingo language learning Ben Lowenstein, Arthur Richards
Avallain basic skills Ignatz Heinz
Children's publishing Conall Ryan (McGH), Carol Sakoian (Sch), Mcm
Internet Archive Aaron Swartz Allison Druin, Kristine Hanna
Logos children's library Cinzia Bazzani Zdenek
Project Gutenberg John Guagliardo
Google Books pdfs Luke Hutchison
Individual authors/publishers (various)
Mathematica Joy W
LD Virtual Manipulatives Utah State
Books and works
General OERC, Connexions
E.O. Wilson Foundation Neil Patterson Charles Smith
Glossopedia - children's encyclopedia of life Gerry Ellis
Nature images Frans Lanting
Earth Sciences
Agriculture & Ecology (Martin Gleeson, Michael Jensen, Calestous Juma)
Encyclopedias Martin (1.0) Andy Sisson (snap), Gerry Ellis (Glossopedia - children's encyclopedia of life)
Dictionary Gerard Meijssen (OmegaWiki), Zdenek (...), Logos (children's dictionary)
Atlas John @ Metacarta Schuyler Erle?, (Adam Holt)
WikiHow Jack Herrick Felicity Tepper, Dvortygirl
MAKE Phil Torrone ? Josh Ellis
OLPC guides Asher Miller? Todd Kelsey
National library search OCLC (see also LOC, G!Books, Justin Thorp)
Culture:Museums and libraries
World Digital Library Justin Thorp (WDL) Museum of Fine Arts
Qatsi & Anima Mundi Godfrey Reggio
Culture:Free Music
Jamendo Sylvain Zimmer Tim Hwang / Antenna Alliance?
CC-music Jon Phillips
Health (Ed Yuen, HSO)
Partners in Health
Richard Wurman Mike Hawley Dave Johnson
Water & Sanitation Chris Fabian Terra Weikel
AfricaBio ? ?
PyGame Lincoln Quirk Ben Sawyer, Kent Quirk, ..
Second Life Kent Quirk
SimThings Chuck Norman Don Hopkins, ...
Flash works Josh Ellis, Gnash-dev
Computers, programming
Etoys Alan Kay, Kim Rose Bert Freudenberg
Develop activity orospakr?
Wikijunior zanim
No Starch Press Intro to Linux
Pratham (Business ideas, projects) India
Kiva Zvi Boshernitzan ? Basic economics


Collection Curator
Wiki texts (Cormac Lawler, Erik Moeller, Joshua Marks)
Book players (Conall Ryan, Mcm)
Audio (Jamendo)
Adir Abraham (ogg vorbis)
Free Music Project
Video (Peter Kaufman)
Open Video Project
Animations (Bang Wong, Beth Anderson)


Tool Curator
Musical (Barry Vercoe +1, Jean Piché)
Programming (for texts and such; see also maintainers, above)
Squeak Alan Kay
Javascript John Resig?
Forth Mitch Bradley
Java Adam Bouhenguel
Text recorders
abiword OSU?
ereader Ian Bicking (Adir Abraham)
Media recorders
Gnash Rob Savoye
Video Erik Blankinship
Helix Josh Irwin (Michael Burns for more contact)
Animation, cartoons
Cartoonbuilder Ignatz Heinz


Topic Curator
Format converstion
ffmpeg2theora Adir Abraham
crossmark PG
(to simplified language) Sabine?
Logos, localizations Vergara
Translation tools
OmegaT, OmegaWiki Sabine Cretella
Ubuntu community Og Maciel
Fedora translation toolkit Marco?
Idiom Chase Tingley, Todd Kelsey
Automatic translation
Google Todd Kelsey
Meadan, IBM Ed Bice

Language and Geography

Languages should have at least one coordinator per country from country teams. Green and red countries should have at least one coordinator (focusing on local organization coordination, not content per se).


Languages should have a coordinator from outside even where countries are not cooperative.

Language Coordinator
Spanish Xavi?
Arabic Nalrawahi, Adil Allawi? (Diwan)
Portuguese Og Maciel (Ubuntu), Bruno Magrani
French Soufron
Nepali Shankar, Suyesh
Urdu cf. Habib Khan
Smaller languages Don Osborn, Ndesanjo Macha, Dwayne Bailey [Africa],
General Gerard Meijssen [many]


Geographic coordinators will soon be needed to help coordinate NGO and educator activity in that region; curators from specific regional projects (rather than specific subject areas). See OLPC_world_map.

Region Curator
US & Canada
Mexico, Central & South America
Central America & the Caribbean
South America
North & West Africa
Central, East & South Africa
Middle East
North Asia
South & Southeast Asia OLPC PH
East Asia
Australia & the Pacific
Global & Other