Making XO sensors/Making a Temperature Sensor

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You need:

  • an LM35D temperature sensor,

IMPORTANT - This section details how you can connect a temperature sensor to the sensor probe that you built. You should build the probe as outlined in Making XO sensors/How to connect sensors before moving forward. Most of all, you must remember that we need to know that we have three terminals (refer the section for details):

  1. The "Vin" terminal
  2. The "+ve" terminal
  3. The "Gnd" terminal (the Gnd of audio connector is connected to Gnd of USB connector

You would need a temperature sensor like this one LM35. A link is here-
Taken from the data sheet of the temperature sensor, Vs is where we would supply the "+ve" (positive supply voltage), gnd is where would connect "-ve" (ground) and Vout is the sensor output which we will connect to "Vinput"
So we connect the "Gnd" to the righten-most terminal of the sensor
And connect the "+ve" to the left-most terminal of the sensor
You might want to keep insulation tape handy at this time
Apply the insulation tape over both the terminals
Now lets connect the "Vin" connector from the audio jack to the center terminal of the sensor, called as "Vout"
Insert the audio connector to the Mic jack (pink)
Measure tut 1 24.jpg
Connect the USB connector to the USB port. Our temperature sensing probe is ready!

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