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A 22 foot container can hold 3.000 XO's, a 42 foot container 6.000 XO's. The OLPC foundation has its hands full - or - only devotes it's time to its core public: the poorest first. With the country-size orders in Paraguay, Uruguay and many other Island States, there is no capacity to deal with minor orders of less than a full container load and governments and people that have not yet made up their mind of OLPC / Millennium Development Goal nr. 2, an Open Source and Hardware laptop for their Education or a Closed Source Soft and Hardware laptop.

Malta - we, will have to get organized ourselves first and PROOF that by building enough capacity so that we can place OURSELVES an order of minimum 1 container load. There's MORE than enough countries and groups that can get above that threshold anyway.

If you want to participate in an XO group order, for testing or whatever, put your name in the list below together with the quantity you want. When we reach 3 or 6.000 we'll contact OLPC for a group order.

Nr of XO's you engage yourself to order Nr of PV panels you engage yourself to order FirstnameFAMILYNAME link to a page on this wiki with your contact details Notes
Overall Total = 12 of 3.000 Overall Total = 12 of 3.000 More info: Group Order Brussels Notes: 6.000-3 = 5.997 to go. cf. page Group Order Brussels
Yr Quantity of XO's Yr Quantity of PV's Your FirstnameFAMILYNAME Notes: Your notes, but preferably in your page Your FirstnameFAMILYNAME
6 XO + 6 tablets 12 PV panels SvenAERTS Notes: Who_is_who_Malta
row 5, cell 1 row 5, cell 2 row 5, cell 3 row 5, cell 4

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