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The OLPC Manual is available as a Help Activity (1, 2) for XO-1 and XO-1.5, and also online at

Mailing List

Discussions about the OLPC/Sugar Manuals take place on the Library Mailing list. If you would like to join the conversation, sign up: here.


Emerging manuals

Sugar Labs effort organized by S. Daniel Francis

Getting Started (for recent 2010/2011 software especially!) Interactive HTML guide overhauls the famous original from 2007/2008.

OLPC Australia Manual (NEW)

One Laptop per Rwandese Child (NEW 16-page PDF guide)

Jim Simmons' Make Your Own Sugar Activities! (PDF, $12 in book form NEW)

Check out our DRAFT "Class Acts" guide for community deployment resources.

OLPC Software Release 11.3.1 should be released well before our doc sprint expected Apr 6-10, 2012 in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

Recent manuals

OLPC Australia published Lesson Ideas and Guides in May 2013:

OLPC Canada's 92-page Educator's Guide (NEW, see bottom of their page). With lesson plans created by Canadian teachers that work in First Nations communities. OLPC Canada grants permission to remix/translate its lessons wherever it helps other countries.

The OLPC Manual is available in several formats:

It was created by volunteers from a combination of two manuals for 8.2.0 developed at FLOSSManuals:

Support FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions answered by OLPC's Community Support Volunteers!
Deployment Guide
A generalized guide to a large-scale deployment of one laptop per child.
Developers manual

Conveniently right here online on this wiki, overhauled in 2011 by Daniel Drake especially.

Sdenka Salas - The XO Laptop in the Classroom (NEW from Peru, 5.5 MB / 102 pages; in Spanish too! 6.7MB / 106 pages, In French here 15 MB / 102 pages and in Arabic thanks to Dr. Rashid Ismael [1]). The English version has an old image of Sugar.
The lesson ideas in this book show many ways the XO and Sugar interface can be put to work in classrooms.
"Manual Basico XO" (2da edicion) (2.5MB / 48 pages)
Uruguay's colorful starter guide!
NEW Spanish Starter Guide (15MB / 31 pages)
Colorful: get-to-know your XO Laptop and the Sugar Learning Platform.
Activity Handbook (594KB / 59 pages)
A software developer's guide for creating software for Sugar.
Sugar Almanac
A detailed guide for developers to the APIs in Sugar.
Laptop overview
A short overview of the XO laptop's hardware and software features.
Teacher's Guide to the XO and Deployment version 1.0
A guide for teacher's new to the XO with a suggested deployment model, lesson plans, teacher reflections and more as written for Australian teachers. Version 2.0 is currently in development.

Manuals in Arabic

XO Starter Manual

UNRWA Starter Manual

PaleXO Browse Activity Manual

PaleXO Chat Activity Manual

PaleXO Write Activity Manual

Floss Manuals download Arabic Help activity Translated by a volunteer from Morocco!

Second version of XO Arabic manual by UNRWA team

Arabic version of Sdenka Salas - The XO Laptop in the Classroom, thanks to Dr. Rashid Ismael

Manuals in Spanish

A growing list of resources from deployments across Latin America.

Manuals for earlier releases

Getting Started guide
Beautiful, interactive pages that describe XO hardware and the 7.1.0 or "ship.2" release.
OLPC/Sugar simple user's guide at Flossmanuals
This was the manual for the 7.1.0 or "ship.2" release (builds 650-653) that most G1G1 2007 users received on their XO laptops.

Inactive manuals

Nortel LearnIT Using the XO Laptop
Old and incomplete
The OLPC Wiki's Simplified user guide
What is the Migration status and difference from FlossManuals?
XO Guide
shows some interactive brief HTML pages about the XO software from 2007 that would have been part of the OLPC Library home page for the Browse activity.
Demo notes from 2007

Other books

Please also see our community's many other ebooks, textbooks, picturebooks, presentations, and other content!

The Sugar Labs wiki has a guide to exploring the Sugar UI.