Marvell Wireless Module

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These are the out-of-band signals communicating with the Marvell wireless mesh networking module, which contains the Libertas family 88W8388 chip.

If the direction is listed as "output", the signal is generated by the Marvell module. If the direction is listed as "input", the signal is generated by the laptop and passed to the Marvell module.

Pin Name Pin Number Signal Name Direction Description
GPIO02 49 WAKEUP_EC Output Driven high to wakeup the EC when the module has been told the laptop is in suspend. This signal must not be deasserted until the module sees USB activity from the master.
 ?  ? WAKEUP_WLAN Input Driven high to inform the WLAN module that the laptop is no longer in suspend mode. What is the handshake reflecting that the module has seen this signal ?
GPIO01 50 WLAN_ENLED# Output Driven low to indicate that the module has associated with a mesh/AP
GPIO12 46 WLAN_ACTLED# Output Driven low to indicate actual packet transfers to/from the laptop (not relayed packets).
GPIO13 45 RX/BAT_L0 Input
GPIO14 44 BAT_L1 Input
GPIO15 43 BAT_L2 Input
RESETn 41 WLAN_RESET# Input Asserted by the driver on the host to reset the module.
GPIO00 51 N.C. - While connected on B2 XOs, this pin should be left unconnected.
GPIO06  ? N.C. Input Unclear if this has a dedicated function (or what pin it is.)
GPIO07  ? N.C. Output Reserved for R.F. reset (?)