Matale Hill Internet Access:

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Positive Planet is committed to providing Internet Access to the children participating in the OLPC program. We are currently exploring the best options for this with suggestions ranging from installing satellite access at the school as the basis, to working with local installations to pay for part of their access in a partnership.

According to one quote from a provider, our budget will only pay for about 6-8 months of access. We have heard these costs should be shifting favorably in the near term and are hoping to get less expensive quotes. We are also hopeful that the increase in communication between our children will encourage also additional contributions towards internet access.

The final decisions on method and timing will be made by the Project Planet team from the OLPC program in conjunction with our Ugandan contacts. We assume it would probably be rolled out in the second phase (later during the summer) after the initial setup has been made, but this will be determined as the project planning and timetable is more firmly developed, both at Kigali and after the team has spent their first week in Uganda.