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Sample Job description for SPED teacher at McKinley Schools

From Job web site, may be outdated:

JOB DESCRIPTION: Middle School Special Education Teacher � All Subjects

McKinley Middle School, 50 St. Mary�s Street, Boston, MA 02215

Available September 2011

Job Description:

The McKinley Schools are totally separate, therapeutically-oriented schools for students with severe behavioral, emotional, and learning disabilities. The Elementary School serves students in grades K-5, ages 5-11. The Middle School serves students in grades 5-8, ages 10-15. The High School serves students in grades 8-12, ages 14-22.

Boston Public Schools seeks an exceptional Special Education (SpEd) Learning Adapted Behavior (LAB) Teacher who is highly qualified and knowledgeable to join our community of teachers, learners and leaders. This is an exciting opportunity for teachers who desire to serve where their efforts matter. In BPS, the teachers and leaders are committed to the vision of high expectations for achievement, equal access to high levels of instruction, the achievement of academic proficiency for all students, and the closing of the achievement gap among subgroups within the schools. BPS is a great place for those who seek to work in an environment that supports their creativity and innovation, and respects their skills and abilities as a teacher.

Reports to: Assistant Program Director


1. To teach basic academic skills, survival skills, work preparation, physical education, etc.

2. To adapt and write curricula, in these subject areas, which will address the special needs of the students.

3. To manage student behavior utilizing prescribed approaches.

4. To maintain lesson plans and records and make required reports.

5. To serve as a Service Team Member.

6. To teach Physical Education.

7. To supervise and train an Instructional Assistant/Trainee.

8. Performs other duties as requested by the Asst. Program Director, Program Director, or Headmaster.

9. Teach: Special Education Learning Adapted Behavior Implement district learning goals and objectives, in alignment with state frameworks. Provide small group instruction to students diagnosed with emotional and/or behavioral disorders to ensure understanding and progress. Create structured and therapeutic learning environment that reinforces positive student behavioral expectations. Write and implement goal and objectives for student s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and provide timely and consistent progress reports on student development. Collect and analyze student data to assure progress and developments; Provide needed accommodations for student learning and testing when required. Collaborate as a team member within school building in supporting other staff members in responding to student s need for modification.

10. Equity and High Expectations: Demonstrate a commitment to excellence, equity, and high expectations for all students with an emphasis on building on the strengths that students bring to the teaching/learning process and closing the achievement gap between subgroups within the school.

11. Professionalism: Model professional behavior that addresses job responsibilities, district policies and procedures, and the expectations of professionals working in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and economically diverse community.

12. Safe, Respectful, and Culturally Sensitive and Responsive Learning Communities: Build and maintain safe, fair, and respectful learning environments that celebrate the diversity of the student population.

13. Partnerships with Family: Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with families communicating about student progress and ways the families can support the student at home.

14. Partnerships with Family and Community: Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with community members, and agencies, building on their strengths and recognizing them as co-educators.

15. Instructional Planning and Implementation: Plan instruction and employ strategies that address the wide range of learning, behavioral, and communication styles of the student population. Demonstrate cultural proficiency and use effective and culturally relevant instructional practices. Integrate technology into the classroom as an instructional tool and for personal productivity.

16. Content Knowledge: Have extensive knowledge of the content including, but not limited to, key concepts and facts, relevant research, methods of inquiry, and communication styles specific to the respective discipline(s).

17. Monitoring and Assessment of Progress: Use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather data to monitor student mastery of instructional content, to improve instruction, and to assess the comparative performance of subgroups within the classroom.

18. Reflection, Collaboration, and Personal Growth: Reflect on practice in collaboration with administrators and colleagues, monitor personal and professional growth, and pursue professional development in needed areas.

Qualifications--Required: 1. Experience and/or training in teaching adolescents with severe special needs, specifically emotional problems, behavior problems, and learning disabilities. 2. Expertise and experience in teaching literacy and mathematics. 3. Experience in curriculum development, case management, individualized instruction, behavior management. 4. Hold a valid Massachusetts Teaching License in Moderate Disabilities for the appropriate grade level, Grades PreK-8 or 5-12. 5. Hold a valid Massachusetts Teaching License in English as a Second Language for the appropriate grade level, Grades 5-12. If not already so licensed, must obtain this license by the end of the first year of employment. 6. Meet all state and federal guidelines in order to be fully licensed and Highly Qualified according to NCLB. 7. Ability to meet the Dimensions of Effective Teaching established by the Boston Public Schools as outlined above. 8. Education: Hold a Bachelors degree. 9. Current authorization to work in the United States - Candidates must have such authorization by their first day of employment.

Qualifications--Preferred: 1. Other related skills (work preparation, survival skills, physical education). 2. Certification in Secondary English or Mathematics. 3. Approved training in all four categories of SEI (Sheltered English Instruction). 4. Meets or exceeds the BPS� Teacher Performance Standards in all performance areas. 5. Demonstrates understanding of standards-based education, including district and state content frameworks, and a mandated district-wide curriculum. 6. Experience teaching in urban schools.

Terms: BTU, Group I, Regular school day, plus 4.5 hours per week overtime required at contractual hourly rate.

Please refer to the Salary Compensation section on the Career Site for more information on compensation. Salaries are listed by Unions and Grade/Step.

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