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Plan of release versions. Pulling together many features that have been experimented as various forks, into a sequential set of releases with feedback from each release affecting features for next release.

For version 18


  1. CSV logging support and making an explicit entry in journal for each CSV file created
  2. Measure toolbar split into Sound and Sensors toolbars -- Within the sensors toolbar there would be two buttons which allow one to select amongst time and frequency base. There would be a slider also that allows one to change the time scale.
  3. A text box in the bottom that remains in the Sound as well as Sensors mode, and allows one to see details about the signal.
  4. In the sensors context, there would not be any slider bar. The text box at the bottom will show details about the signal as well as actual sample values ( -32768 to +32768 )
  5. A record/logging button at the bottom. The basic icon should be similar to that used in Record Activity.
  6. On both the sensor and sound contexts there is an icon with the XO colors that shows where the input is. Within sensors it would point to the MicIn jack and within sound it would point to the built in microphone


  1. Spreadsheet Activity would be able to read the CSV file generated and show a variety of graphs based on the data
  2. Bias and AC/DC are complex terms for understanding. Sound and sensors are two categories based on the contextual use.
  3. One should be able to measure whatever one is doing.
  4. For other sensors later, there is a need for showing numbers and values and it doesn't make sense to show them on the drawing area
  5. Like how it is done within the Record Activity
  6. To help the user to identify what the source is. It is hard to guess that Mic In is the place where one needs to connect the sensors
  7. There is no need for a amplitude slider in DC mode

For version 19

  1. Internal temperature sensor
  2. Battery and charge display
  3. Camera RGB values
  4. Waveform is the XO color (taken from sugar profile)

Design specifications for Measure Gen2