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The Melbourne XO Club meets monthly* to do testing, hacking and general activities around the OLPC.

(* the third saturday of every month except in September, when we celebrate Software Freedom Day instead, and in January - when we hold a social BBQ instead.)

Many thanks to the Welly NZ Testers who have created such a great model for OLPC testing.

Plans for this month

Next Testing Session

When: 12-4pm - every third Saturday of the month

Where: 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne*

Google Map:

Map: see

Transport: *Train:* It is about a 10-15 minute walk from Parliament Station through Fitzroy Gardens: Google Map with directions:

  • Tram:* The closest tram stop is Stop 15 on Victoria Parade, which is on

the Routes 24, 31, and 109.

Bus: The following bus routes will take you to the corner of Victoria Parade and Powlett Street:

  - 302,
  - 303,
  - 304,
  - 309,
  - 313,
  - 315,
  - 318,
  - 340,
  - 350,
  - 684,
  - 905,
  - 906,
  - 907,
  - 908

Parking: can be found at the church building and nearby..

We'll be testing the latest software build... come along, and help out. If you have an XO - please let us know, and we'll be happy to help you flash it to the latest version. If you don't have an XO bring a laptop and a USB key and we'll have a go at testing sugar on a stick.

Contact: Tony Forster: forster at ozonline dot com dot au - 03 9796 8161

What we do

  1. User testing - if its not easily discoverable it needs fixing
  2. Bug testing - Activities and operating system
  3. Testing on XO hardware, we have some spare XO units
  4. Testing Sugar on a Stick / live CD - bring your laptop
  5. Keep having fun!

We plan to coordinate with NZ on testing.

Who's got what

Bring your laptop below the testing group. If you don't have an XO laptop, you can emulate the current build of the OLPC environment — Fedora 9 + Sugar + core activities — on your existing computer by running a Live CD or running one of our OS images under emulation.

Further Details here:

Log of things done

Past sessions .

20 Dec 2008

20 Nov 2010

18 Dec 2010

19 Feb 2011

19 Mar 2011 - tested Scratch and Turtle Art

18 June 2011

16 July 2011

20 Aug 11 - testing OS2

17 September 2011 (and software freedom day)

15 October 2011 (pictured) testing Sugar 0.94 OS880


Past activity test notes here:

Next Meetings

  • monthly, third Saturday of the month

Who are we

Hosted by Linux Users of Victoria is one of Australia's largest Linux User Groups Please contact Jiri at for information on LUV.