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Educator Template

This user is a native speaker of English.


  • Grades: K-8
  • Subjects: Educational Tecnology Specialist
  • School: GRPS
  • Country/Location: USA- MidWest

About Me

I am an educational technology teacher. I teach K-8 students. (junior High 4 days a week and K-5 one day a week) I have been active abd involved in MACUl (MIchigan Association of Computer Users in Learning) as a member and have presented workshops for fellow educators showing how technology can be used to enhance instruction and student achievement.

Contact Information


Interests and Expertise

Using technology resources to create media rich interactive lessons directed at a variety of learning styles that emcompass differentiated project based learning.

Current Projects

After my OLPC arrives I would be willing to share lesson plans and feedback

Learning Activities

Under construction

My wiki Page http://computerkiddoswiki.pbwiki.com