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[Soyombo Mongolian Linux] is a Linux distribution in the Mongolian language providing Mongolian support in Cyrillic. Support for the Mongolian (Traditional) Script called Uigurjin is planned. The Soyombo Web pages are in English and in Mongolian written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Wikipedia says:

The Mongolian alphabet was used in Mongolia until 1931, when it was replaced by the Latin alphabet, and again by Cyrillic in 1937. The traditional alphabet was abolished completely by the pro-Soviet government in 1941, and a short-lived attempt to reintroduce the traditional alphabet after 1990 was abolished after some years.

In the People's Republic of China, the Mongolian language is a co-official language with Mandarin Chinese in some regions. The traditional alphabet has always been used there, although Cyrillic was considered briefly before the Sino-Soviet split. There are two types of written Mongolian used in China: the classical script, which is official among Mongols nationwide, and the Todo script, used predominantly among Oirats in Xinjiang.