Multi channel battery charger

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This page describes a charger for multiple XO Laptop batteries.


Multi-Battery Charger.png

Code name "Supercharger"

Input Power

  • AC Power 100V-230V. 300W
  • DC 10V-28V. 150W

Exterior Connections

  • AC In: IEC for 120/220VAC
  • DC In: 10VDC to 28VDC 2 Pin connector that mates with whats on the GP solar blanket.
    • DC connector is not yet finalized
  • USB B connector (Its a USB device)
  • 2 cables with XO DC jacks on them

Electrical Misc



  • Approximately 2 hours for complete charge
    • Maximum number of simultaneous charging channels
      • 15 Batteries on AC
      • 10 Batteries via 150W DC source
      • 8 Batteries via 2 60W solar blankets
      • 4 Batteries via 1 60W blanket