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NEXO is a variation of Sugar build maintained by OLE Nepal, customized for Nepal with local activities and content, such as Epaath. The related NEXS image is a customized linux server used in the Nepali classrooms, which provides access to a local digital library, and services such as backup for the children's work. Both projects are based on Fedora linux.

(Is it designed only to boot from NAND? Are there SD and USB variations of the image?)

Background & how to use NEXO

For some background information, see this Nabble document.


Most NEXO development tasks can be grouped under 2 categories:

  1. Activity updates (or addition of new activities): this process is documented below in the updating activities section.
  2. Tweaks on top of underlying OLPC OS through pilgrim at /home/pilgrim: the internals are documented below on the build system section.

Before making any change, you should have fully tested it on an individual XO. At this point, you can make the change on the pilgrim box ( as the pilgrim user. If your change involved changing anything under the pilgrim repository, please make sure to commit and push your changes.

Your change is now ready for inclusion in the next NEXO build, but there is one last step: Update [[#Release notes|]] with your change. If you need to, create a new entry at the top of the page labelled simply "Unreleased development version" or similar (otherwise, append to the development entry that already exists). When released, the build master will assign an appropriate version number and release date and send the list of changes to the team.

After a new NEXS release has been deemed deployment-ready, update the NEXO page to state that this is the most recent stable release.

Build system

NEXO - Build System

Updating activities

To add a new version of an activity (or a brand new activity) for inclusion in a future NEXO build:

  1. On your own computer, access the Deployment share of the fileserver.
  2. Put the new or updated activity in the NEXO/activities directory
  3. Clean up the activities directory: remove old versions
    • This is important because this directory (in entirity) is synchronized to the school servers, sometimes over slow network links

If this is a new activity:

  1. Follow the development process to add the new activity to the OLPC_CORE_ACTIVITIES variable in /home/pilgrim/pilgrim/streams.d/ (see the [[#Build system|]] for details) -- remember to commit and push your changes.
    • Ask the NEXO build master to do this step for you, if you prefer

Your activity is now ready for inclusion in the next NEXO build.

Release notes


Notes for developers and testers

See also the [[#Development process|]] above.

Related projects

There are also NEXS and NEXC projects, related to the server and the C?...

NEXS and NEXC development