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I am dumping fixes onto this page as my work through sysadmin problems for OLE Nepal Berrybw 02:05, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

We are using this document on a daily basis. If you have a tried-and-true solution you are welcome to post it here. Please keep suggestions or points for discussion onto the Talk Page that will make this document more easy to use.

Customizing your XO Build

Look at customization key Customization_key , building a custom image, Building_custom_images using the alternate method described below, or modifing a jffs2 image, Mounting_jffs2_images

Checking localization values in the firmware

The core localization values are stored in the firmware. You will need a developer key to access them.

At the firmware prompt, type .mfg-data

LO   is your default language
LA   is the country
KL   Keyboard layout

See Manufacturing Data for more information on these values

Changing locale in the firmware

Not thoroughly tested --Ties Stuij

To change the keyboard layout to Nepali change-tag KL ne

This changes the locale for your XO change-tag LA ne_NP.UTF-8

You may want to set the KV tag as well, which stands for Keyboard Variant