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We are starting off by training technically inclined teachers and then hope to include talented students and community members in the training program.

This training regimen is intended for someone who already knows the basics of the XO and Sugar, such as someone who has participated in a teacher training program.

3-day In-House Training program

Day 1

  • How to update the firmware, use test-all, and test individual hardware pieces
  • how to install an os image and customize the bundles in it
  • XO disassembly and reassembly. Ideally, fix broken XO's
  • Basic wireless networking, overview of the mesh and managed modes
  • Basic use of Etoys
  • Review activities we didn't get to explore during formal training

Day 2

  • Review flashing firmware and OS
  • Add and Remove activities
  • How to free up space on the XO
  • Basic linux utilities and troubleshooting
  • More Etoys
  • School Server - start and restart XS services. How to restore the XS from backup
  • Introduction to the Linux command line, basic stuff like ls, mkdir, touch, rm
  • Reading assignment

Day 3

  • Spend quality-time with the linux command line. top, kill, cp, ifconfig
  • Explore networking with linux
  • Work with Sugar-specific commands
  • More School Server, more networking

Working the XO

  • Adding and Removing activities
  • Freeing up space on the XO
  • Sugar commands:
    • sugar-install-bundle
    • sugar-control-panel
  • Explain difference between signed and unsigned builds
  • Security architecture for the XO (this I don't understand myself)

Learning the XS

  • Restarting jabber
  • Empty Squid Cache?

Reading List

Basic Linux

It will take the trainee a significant amount of time to complete these readings

Rute User reading, listed in order of importance

  • Chapter 4 Basic commands
  • Chapter 6 Editing text files - focus on 6.3.2 Using Vim, ignore others
  • Chapter 35 - File system hierarchy
  • Chapter 25 - Introduction to Internet Protocol
  • Chapter 9 - Processes and Environment variables
  • Chapter 11 - User accts and ownership


Note: Can't find a page that explains basic sugar commands that doesn't go into too much architectural details for a novice user.


  • Need to install the most common man pages to the XO. This would make it easier for the student to learn the command line.
  • Need get-started guides for Squeak, Scratch, Tamtam, and SimCity
  • Need to increase font-size

Feedback from Manoj Ghimire, first trainee

  • Need to increase font-size on XO for Nepali kids
  • Need to give kids XO guide in Nepali
  • Need way to remove multiple items from Journal at once