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The Network2 project is is document is written for several kinds of people.

  • deployment teachers who want networking to "just work" in their classrooms, so they can focus on teaching rather than troubleshooting and working around the situation when their students' computers can't collaborate for technical reasons. This document will try to explain several reasons why things may not be working for you, and give you several ways to start fixing them (usually knowing who you should be asking to do what). It will also give you a way to give your feedback on networking to developers.
  • deployment engineers who have the responsibility of making networking "just work" for deployment teachers, and want to make those responsibilities easier so they can spend more time on other technical aspects of the deployment. This document will try to explain a way of implementing networking at a deployment that will save you work and time. It also explains things we don't know about this method of implementation, and things we're trying to figure out that you can help with.
  • Activity authors who want it to be easier to program collaboration features into their software. This document will explain a different way of doing the networking stack, and then describe why and how this would make it easier for you to get collaboration into your Activity, and what you can do to make that happen.
  • core developers interested in improving the networking stack. This document will explain an alternative proposal to the current stack, as well as where this proposal is along the development timeline and what you can contribute to move it forward.
  • others who would like to make networked software cheaper to write and to deploy. This document will give you an overview of the current networking situation for teachers and technologists alike, show you what different groups are working on, and hopefully give you ideas on where and how you can contribute. Can you organize a code sprint for developers, gather feedback from teachers, make a prototype for Activity authors, clarify any of this documentation, ask questions about things that you don't understand in this document so that we can improve it?