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The XO laptops may find themselves in a number of different networking scenarios. OLPC explicitly identifies four scenarios, and currently suggests two of these scenarios for use in deployments.

Other pages on this wiki which relate to this one are: Networking, Mesh Network Details, and Connectivity. Related unfilled stubs are Network Configurations, and Scenario taxonomy.

For a discussion on priority of various scenarios, please see the talk page.

Suggested Scenarios

The following two scenarios, one without infrastructure (Simple Mesh) and one with infrastructure (School Wi-Fi), are suggested for use in deployments.

Simple Mesh

This is also known as "a group of kids sitting under a tree".

Scenario simple mesh.png

  • No access point (or any other network infrastructure)
  • No school server (presence service)
  • Currently supports up to 10 laptops in this scenario. Please be aware that ALL XOs in the area will become part of this mesh, NOT just those who are actively collaborating.

School Wi-Fi

This is the network configuration we currently suggest for schools.

Scenario xs wifi.png

  • Uses traditional 802.11b/g access points
  • School server with presence service
  • The connection to the Internet is optional, but strongly recommended

Troublesome Scenarios

In OLPC's experience, the following scenarios will work with small numbers of laptops, but should not be used for larger numbers of laptops.

Simple Wi-Fi

Scenario simple wifi.png

  • Uses traditional 802.11b/g access points
  • No school server (or presence service)

It has been said that this is what G1G1 laptops will tend to encounter. We strongly suggest that ALL laptops be registered with a presence service.

Traditional APs tend not to handle multicast very well, 1Mbit/s peak.

School Mesh

Scenario xs mesh.png