New G1G1 Users notes

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You got your XO from the Give 1 Get 1 program. Now what?

  • open it up, power up

The leaflet the comes with XO has enough information to get you started. including a URL for more information

  • now what? make it do something useful
    • navigate user interface - activities rather than files
    • explore activities - installed applications for creating and editing
    • connect
  • so what? how can I use this
    • lightweight laptop - create / edit - text, images, audio, video
    • internet browser
  • what's missing? no OLPC-type feeling
    • not a school deployment - OLPC assumes 1,000s of XO are shipped and distributed by a school program which includes localization, training, support, mesh network
    • resources specifically for G1G1 Givers

More information

  • laptop - hardware, software, support
  • OLPC project overview
  • G1G1 community

Learn more...

Also you can find information at .

In a school deployment, there would be some support at the early stages. The idea is for the community to take part and share.