Nordic Game Jam

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Nordic Game Jam is a three-day, open-source event at the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark; this years topic is Taboo. Starting on Friday, 1. February 08, around 150 participants will form teams, start rapid prototyping of games, and deliver their results by Sunday, 3. February.

Thanks to Jesper Taxbol, this year's Game Jam has a side-focus on OLPC and the XO Laptop. Rut Jesus and Chris Hager are attending, and brought six XO-Laptops for people to play, hack and test their games on.

To support people to get started, we prepared a simple snake-game and made an activity out of it:


  • Friday, 1. February: Presentations (Jesper talks on OLPC at 16:30, Talk about 'taboo', ...), Forming Teams, Brainstorming, ...
  • Saturday, 2. February: Beginning of coding
  • Sunday, 3. February: Finishing the game, delivery