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OLE Nepal

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal is a Nepali non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting the Government of Nepal in meeting its Education for All goals by developing freely accessible, open-source Information and Communication Technology (ICT)-based educational teaching-learning materials.

Poor quality of education and disparity in education quality and access among school types, regions and population groups are two of the major problems facing Nepal’s education sector. OLE Nepal’s mission is to help address these problems through the use of ICT in education.

In order to fulfill its mission, OLE Nepal is working in partnership with the Government of Nepal to:

  • Develop high-quality interactive digital learning materials that conform to Nepal’s national curriculum.
  • Maintain a web-based repository of open, free, and high quality elementary and secondary educational resources for teachers and students.
  • Build the Nepali government’s capacity to independently develop, enhance and maintain ICT-based teaching-learning materials at the primary and secondary school levels.
  • Implement a plan to provide universal access to primary school level ICT-based teaching-learning materials by 2015.
  • Conduct research and evaluation concerning the effectiveness of the different educational resources and approaches used.

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OLE Nepal Interns

At OLE Nepal, interns serve as utility team members, doing everything from revising the Wiki and documenting the OLE Nepal project, to helping with programming and doing just about anything else that needs to be done. You can view their user pages to see what kind of activities they've completed.

Previous Interns

Current Interns

  • Aman Maharjan
  • Kayomars Bilimoria Puri
  • Niraj Paudel

OLE Nepal Intern Manual

  • Intern Manual The OLE Nepal Intern Manual documents all information pertinent to OLE Nepal Interns. This includes everything from Wiki info to a guide for processing and preparing newly received XOs.