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Please note: you should feel free to post questions (and questions about questions) on the Ask OLPC a Question Page. Other resources in this wiki include: OLPC myths; Hardware ideas; and Software ideas.

What if my question isn't listed here in the FAQ?

If you have a question, or would like more information about a specific question, feel free to add it to the Ask OLPC a Question page.

Also, please remember that the Wiki is much more than a simple list of questions and answers. There are many other informational pages in the Wiki which you can read. The major ones are listed in the Table of Contents. There is also the Search box on the left under the navigation list. Try a few keywords and see what is written on the topic elsewhere in the Wiki.

What if my question has not been answered here in the FAQ?

We make every effort to answer all of the questions posed in the FAQ. If the answer is not satisfactory, please use the discussion page to shed light on your concerns.

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