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Welcome to the newsroom of the OLPC Journal.


The OLPC Journal is a reliquary for interviews by mchua, long essays by mstone, and news items from, about, and for the community. It is the latest in a series of questionmarkicals that has included OLPC:xoxo and the xo zine. You can find some templates and beat suggestions in the newsroom.


Potential beats for a periodic OLPC:Journal:

  • mailing list summaries
  • press and media
  • software development and debates
  • from the deployments
  • community and policy review
  • any specific community news / interviews / &c
  • events and calendar

Special time-limited columns:

  • G1G1 countdown and updates
  • A Holt / Carla / other travelogue (during vacations)


Please leave any tips or ideas here, anonymously or otherwise.

  • interview mystery man Ed M?
  • where's waldo now?

Weekly Notes

  • Sur - Peru & Uruguay
  • The Hunt for the Red October XO
  • XOcamp Updates: 30-ish Proposals & Postponement!?!