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We are currently working on outreach specifically targeting G1G1 participants, last year's donors, and the thousands of contributors and project followers that have made our current efforts possible.


campaigns and social media

  • make and publish deployment stories. dc/mk x6
  • update send a friend email; paul fox and seth
  • call pitch -- how to pitch current campaigns on the phone
  • g! adwords --> multilingual. program? mary/google.

email outreach

pgf, erik, sj

  • 'new media' :
    1. miro,
    2. paricipatory culture foundation.
    3. deutsche welle,
    4. revision 3.
    5. XING in de (stefan, bert)
    6. dailymotion in fr (bastien, edith)
    7. orkut in pt ( juliano )
    8. orkut in es (carla, claudia, rafael)
    9.  ? in it (giulia, stefan)
  • our lists of friends : 3000 people. lists of family: similar... more touchy?
    first order mailing-lists: 300 lists that have been passionate about OLPC at some point, each with 100-3000 people

mail to:

  • fedora / olpc lists /contrib program /
  • schools and academia
  • groups where keynotes have been given: nn/mb/jg/dc. others (scott,mlj,wad,sj).
    • educator followup: necc.& iste & masscue
    • gdc, cs teachers' association, ieee, physics/hs teachers

community buy-in and action

SJ, Erik

  • sharing media
  • promoting and existing work
  • contacting and thanking contributors.

special interest groups

  • faith based orgs., how to get a list to send something to 15k churches.
  • matt to look at this list.
  • educators : find the list of gropus we've spoken to? [tyler for nn]
  • List of 10 groups : split between Adam and Matt.
  • groups we know personally:
  1. performance poetry [Dee: stage: 3 - leader network, events]
    -- email the slammasters at all the slam venues around the country
    -- encourgae poetry performers here and in their networks to bring olpc cards and leave them at venues -- print out your own sheaf of 300 cards @ kinkos and distribute them...
  2. yoga & meditation [Dee: stage: 1 - contact with connection]
    -- ? asking friends what the community
  3. opened group [Martin: stage 4 - leader network, co-organized events]
    -- wikieducator, moodle
  4. poverty alleviation [Matt: stage 3]
    -- freerice
    -- mepemepe
  5. AARP Mike Lee: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:Mikelee
  6. CECP (Committee Encouraging Corp Philanthropy)
  7. ONE Campaign
  8. [Returned] Peace Corps Volunteers
    Elise @ borderless education has a contact; pinged by SJ on Tues Nov 25
  9. David Farber's famous list of ~20,000 computer scientiest/telecom notables: http://www.interesting-people.org
  10. Home Schoolers (Julia Reynolds already taking care of?)
  11. Unioned of Concerned Scientists
  12. pugwash.org (science ethicists)
  13. MIT Alum list for each class: '00, '01, etc
  14. Religious Missionaries, eg. our Miami volunteer in http://bethelat.org
  15. NEA

High-potential if we can mobilize them:

  • all people who've sent us thank-you letters, fan mail, etc over the past 2 yrs!
  • teachers with flair
  • students with even more flair...


  • Rotary Club



  • Product placements (walmart)
  • Social benefit funds?

media and resources

  • tv/print : fix up media.laptop.org [seth]
  • video bill boards : contact bloomberg - nn. contact nba/nhl - seth.
  • tv : contact local stations; list : michelle ter., script: taxi
    • calls to tv areas - all hands? with Factiva input. waiting on Matt to hear back what we've done already in contacts
  • websites : list of existing sites with olpc links/banners. slashdot outreach (dsd). technorati/boingboing/gizmodo/gadget
  • 50 blogs. other languages:russian (joe), greek (mb, nn), spanish
  • radio : nais/ncea/acsi/iasl/asha/aiga/home schoolers /nea/npta/nrta/csta/acm/ed. intl.

physical meetings/objects

  • business cards : dee, nlee? xo card. velociraptors.
  • Live CDs - Diane S?
  • Museum shops (MOMA)


julia, cynthia

  • high school campaign : miles, telling his story : sharing as guide for others.
  • adopt a school : g100 for $21,900.
    • set up an accumulation site?
    • competition/leaderboard?
2009 NAIS Annual Conference
February 25 - February 27, 2009
McCormick Convention Center
Chicago, IL, USA

Schools of the Future: Sailing the Winds of Change

National Association of Independent Schools
1620 L Street, NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036-5695
Tel (202) 973-9700
Fax (202) 973-9790
Email info@nais.org    

National Catholic Educational Association
2010 NCEA Convention & Expo
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN
April 6-8, 2010

Lists of catholic schools and colleges

Private School Associations in North America

Association of Christian Schools International
Attention: HR Department
731 Chapel Hills Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Fax: 719-867-5266

International Association of School Librarianship

American School Health Association

governments and military

  • local gov contacts. boston, new york, chicago as examples
  • national contacts : matt &c
  • military : centcom / other commands - hospital ships, school rebuilding


  • how-to: ask your friends to help.
    • create your own cause for olpc. seth/susan
  • school groups: Olin, BU, Duke, Yale, Harvard, U.Chicago
  • Donor info : brianne, for donors to olpc to date
  • olpc group : mburns and osu group


  • PalinTV (Joe to ask her)
  • Tests in malls?



Here are recent and planned public announcements:


Seth W, SJ

  • Planet OLPC blogs
  • OLPCNews and other community news sites
  • Deployment blogs : OLE Nepal, Waveplace, Uruguay, and other active blogs

And updates to the list of blogs by 5 editors, one for each major region of local groups and deployments:

  1. North America
  2. South and Central America
  3. Africa and the Middle East
  4. Europe
  5. Asia and Oceania

Someone will soon have to make the hard choices about where to place Turkey and Mexico in the above...

Public relations

  • Tracking our PR announcements and upcoming press releases, with an eye towards correcting any mistakes in facts or language. In particular, releases developed jointly with partners tend to overemphasize the role of the partner, sometimes to the offense of the larger community, when not reviewed closely enough.
  • Drafting new press releases for partners and local groups when we reach important milestones together, or when they reach milestones in their work related to OLPC.


Campus groups

There are two main projects here:

Regional chapters

  • National chapters
  • Volunteer deployment groups, by country and region
  • United States chapters

Social network profiles

  • Facebook accounts and cause
  • Twitter and Myspace accounts
  • Other accounts