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We need a process for general peer review of any proposal, overview, collection, project, website, or implementation for OLPC -- for public discussion and feedback, and for the generation of every improving heuristics for what makes an effort brilliant, scalable, effective for children. a set of separate heuristics is necessary to help refine the process of improvement.

See OLPC:Featured content for a discussion.

submitting a page or project for peer review

To submitsomething for peer review, please add a link to it and a brief description below. Include what you hope to get out of peer review, as appropriate.

peer review candidates

Taste the Rainbow

This is an interesting example of documentation. Questions: the name, the style, the length; how effectively it defines and reaches its audience. By mstone, submited by --Sj talk

Open source

One of the most popular pages on the wiki. How should it be updated, many moons down the line?