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Concept Pictures

Green Machines

Image credit: fuse-project

Red Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Orange Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Blue Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Yellow Machine

Image credit: fuse-project

Crank Machine

Image credit: Design Continuum

Recent laptops

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B1 machines

Image credit: High-resolution photographs of the B1 machines by Mike McGregor

Production machines, 2007

none yet?

In the field

OLPC:Deployment photos

Other hardware

OLPC:Peripherals photos

Screenshots and software


The old demo notes from 2007 for build 542 and build 608 have numerous screen shots taken directly off of XOs.

The screenshots below were mostly produced via the VMWare auto-converted images. Note that font-sizes have not been adjusted in the VMWare images, so they will appear very small compared to the fonts on an OLPC-XO.

Other Pictures