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Current requests: the February review log

To submit a project for review, create a page with the title of your project (or find the page for your project), then follow the three steps below.

Listing a project for review

To list a single project for review, follow this three-step process:

Add a review tag to the project page.
  • Insert this template: {{pfr1}} at the top of the project.
  • Include an edit summary "PfR: see [[OLPC:Projects for review/ProjectName]].
  • Save the page.
Create the project review page.
  • Click the link saying "this project's entry" to open the project-review page.
  • Insert this template:
| submitter = Submitter
| page = ProjectName
| loc = Location
| req = Hardware or help requested
| duration = Project duration
| completion = % completed
}} ~~~~

Replace Hardware with the # of XOs and anything else requested, Description with why the project is useful to others, &c.

  • Include a summary : PfR for [[ProjectName]]
  • Save the page.
Update the review log.

Open the projects for review log page. At the top of the list on the log page,
insert this template: {{subst:pfr3 | page=ProjectName}}

  • Include a summary: Adding ProjectName .
  • Save the page. Your insertion will be expanded to: {{OLPC:Projects for review/ProjectName}}.

Projects needing some massaging

To list a project for review, please create a separate page for it, and follow the process above on that page (adding a pfr template, then creating the review page and adding it to the month's log).

Below are some draft project ideas from the contributor's program that haven't had their own pages created yet.

OLPC: The Bolivia Project

  • has a plan in place, background for future work and 6 months experience with XOs
  • who: leighm 10 XOs / 12 mo

Extensive computer experience, particularly with Mac OS. I have been working with the XO computer since September 2008 and have become very familiar with the program and interface. I am also the lead on logistics for this project and as a result have become very familiar with the peripheral requirements for a successful launch. planning this project since September 2008 and have a firm logistical plan in place. contemplating a parallel pilot project in Canada to run simultaneously. have an established Teacher's Advisory Committee contributing to an education plan and have been in contact with ppl in Peru and Nepal.

our team are working on a pilot for two remote communities in Bolivia for the summer of 2009... bringing 100 laptops as a test-run with future plans [3k in 2010]. In February 2009, going to Bolivia to meet with the teachers in those communities and provide them with several laptops. We hope this will prepare the teacher's for the full deployment in the summer and get buy-in on the project.