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15:59 <@hhardy> welcome to the OLPC sysadmin meeting
15:59 <@hhardy> today has a special topic: organizing the OLPC Infrastructure Group, aka olpc infrastructure-gang
16:00 <@hhardy> this meeting is open to all
16:00 <@hhardy> however, please don't jump the gun and announce anything discussed here as definitely decided
16:00 < CanoeBerry> reubencaron: hi!
16:00 < reubencaron> hello!
16:00 <@hhardy> agenda follows:
16:00 < cjl> hello
16:00 <@hhardy> Today's meeting will be devoted to discussing the proposed OLPC infrastructure volunteer group (up to 50 minutes):
16:00 <@hhardy> Initial Scope
16:00 <@hhardy> How to manage
16:00 <@hhardy> How to recruit and retain volunteers
16:00 <@hhardy> How to insure good communication and accountability
16:00 <@hhardy> How to evaluate the project
16:00 <@hhardy> How many people are enough?
16:00 <@hhardy> end of meeting (up to 10 minutes):
16:00 <@hhardy> update on weka, owl and swan
16:01 <@hhardy> new business
16:01 <@hhardy> I am user hhardy, aka Henry Edward hardy, olpc sysadmin
16:01 <@hhardy> who else is here?
16:01 < CanoeBerry> reubencaron: plz private-message me
16:02 <@hhardy> anyone here who is new to OLPC?
16:02 <@coderanger_> coderanger == noah kantrowitz == olpc expat and hypothetical keeper of the Trac
16:02 <@cjb> the only person who doesn't look obviously familiar is mark__ 
16:03 <@hhardy> Mark is a new support-ganger yes?
16:03 < mark__> Me .... I am Mark Bauer ... I teach EE at the University of Nebraska  and a G1G1 guy
16:03 -!- Ian_Daniher [~it@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:03  * gregdek from RH/Fedora
16:03 < mark__> I just joined the support gang
16:03 <@hhardy> welcome Mark__
16:03 < isforinsects> welcome mark
16:04 <@hhardy> Initial scope:
16:04 < CanoeBerry> Hi Mark, thx for the phone call in July, good to see you.
16:04 <@hhardy> here is a list of some functional areas of IT
16:04 <@hhardy> trac/git
16:05 <@hhardy> provision activities-related accounts for git access
16:05 <@hhardy> mailing list setup and maintenance
16:05 <@hhardy> build system
16:05 <@hhardy> websites
16:05 <@hhardy> wikis
16:05 <@hhardy> mail and shell account provisioning
16:06 <@hhardy> rt ticket system
16:06 <@hhardy> the discussion thus far has been around using the infrastructure-gang for trac/git, wiki admin, and possibly rt admin
16:06 <@hhardy> then expanding to other areas
16:07 < CanoeBerry> RT Admin for sure!  But more on that later.
16:07 <@hhardy> discussion?
16:08 < cjl> a fair amount of front-end wiki work gets handled by sysops already
16:08 < CanoeBerry> (Old News: I'm recruiting Adric & JGay to be RT Admins & toolsmiths for our Support Gang)
16:08 < isforinsects> I'm strongly for a team that can do this.
16:08 <@hhardy> there is already a wiki admin application
16:08 <@hhardy> we can also use wiki support from the sysadmin side for upgrades, bugfixes, etc
16:08 < isforinsects> I'm confident that we have qualified people in the community that would like to get involved.
16:09 < gregdek> So then.  What are the impediments to giving root access responsibly to these potential admins?
16:09 < isforinsects> Topic: "Initial Scope"
16:10 < m_stone> initial scope and some agreement on how and where coordination should take place and be recorded.
16:10 -!- Ian_Daniher [~it@] has joined #olpc-admin
16:10 < isforinsects> Do we want regular meetings to be IRC and/or phone?
16:10 < isforinsects> I am partial to IRC
16:11 < gregdek> irc ftw.  Non-english speakers are more comfortable, meetings are self-documenting.
16:11 <@hhardy> IRC seems the best choice for day to day admin
16:11 < cjl> also teamWiki Team: space seems like a good place to organize some more permanent things (unless it seems necessary to have a further differentiated space), but teamwiki in any event
16:11 <@hhardy> disagree?
16:11 < isforinsects> members of the [I-G] should be competent in IRC at the very least.
16:12 -!- _sj_ [~sj_@wireless-19-210.media.mit.edu] has joined #olpc-admin
16:12 < cjl> +1 IRC
16:12 < isforinsects> I see nothing wrong with a few introductory meetings over the phone for new members. A big part of the S-G community and conversation takes place there.
16:12 < Ian_Daniher> +1 IRC
16:12 < _sj_> send invites to the dev lists of our infra pieces
16:12 <@hhardy> ok we can use this channel until further notice if no objection
16:12 < Ian_Daniher> phones have worked well for non-public discussions
16:12 < _sj_> we've been talking about this for rt for a while anyway
16:13 < CanoeBerry> Relevant: We need better IRC training for the Support Volunteers. Talk to me if you can help.
16:13 <@hhardy> we could use ventrilo rather than phones
16:13 < _sj_> hhardy:  can you unlock the channel topic here?
16:14 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: why not use freenode like support gang?
16:15 < isforinsects> freenode is a limited number of total channels that one can have open there.
16:15 < isforinsects> #olpc-devel is here, as are a few other channels
16:15 <@hhardy> Ian Daniher: no reason this channel was inherited from neuralis
16:15 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: ah, alright
16:15  * cjb hereby announces that he doesn't have time for any phone meetings.  They require too much attention.
16:15 < gregdek> Yep.  IRC is good because it's async.
16:16 < gregdek> So we've all agreed, IRC meetings, yes?
16:16 < gregdek> Weekly?  This channel?  This time?  :)
16:16 < Ian_Daniher> Very true, it's also unlikely very sensative info will be discussed during meetings
16:16 <@hhardy> phone works for support-gang to help build community but I think we have a consensus on IRC, lets move on
16:16 < isforinsects> I would like to include ffm's proxy vote for thursday or friday
16:16 <@hhardy> how about sunday at 2pm EDT for weekly meeting time for the i-g?
16:16 -!- joef [joe@dhcp-47-117.media.mit.edu] has joined #olpc-admin
16:17 < gregdek> I prefer weekdays myself.
16:17 < isforinsects> Yeah, employees at *other* companies could participate at work were it during the week.
16:17 <@hhardy> weekdays during day not works for people who have school or work, and nights are tough for people w/ kids
16:17 < gregdek> Depends on the class of volunteer.
16:18 < gregdek> Remember, we're talking sysadmins.  :)
16:18 <@hhardy> so anytime after midnight? lol
16:18 < gregdek> Heh.
16:18 < gregdek> Maybe ask for consensus on list.
16:18 < gregdek> Or just decide arbitrarily and change if a fistfight ensues.  ;)
16:19 <@hhardy> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-sysadmin
16:19 < CanoeBerry> Current time works for me..
16:19 <@hhardy> good place to mention the mailing list for the i-g
16:19 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: your sunday 2pm time would work marvelously, as it's before s-g meetings
16:20 <@hhardy> Ian Daniher: my thinking as well
16:20 < gregdek> Do you see a high overlap between s-g and i-g?
16:20 <@hhardy> there has been significant interest from that direction
16:20 <@hhardy> and they have a model which works for OLPC
16:20 < isforinsects> gregdek, I see a higher overlap between the domains of the s-g and the testing-gang
16:20 < gregdek> I might drive as many people to the list as possible, and then ask on-list.
16:21 <@hhardy> ok y'all please get on list I'm going to say tentative Sunday 2pm subject to discussion on list
16:21  * isforinsects is joining now
16:21  * gregdek joins.
16:22  * cjl too
16:22 <@hhardy> next topic: how to manage the i-g
16:22 < gregdek> WITH AN IRON FIST.
16:22 < gregdek> :)
16:23 < Ian_Daniher> seriously though, in #s-g, holt lays down the law
16:23 < isforinsects> RT tickets or trac?
16:23 < CanoeBerry> Sunday late afternoon / dinnertime works much better than 2pm for me. if it must be Sunday.
16:23 <@hhardy> lol I will try to be like Jon Postel was as much as possible
16:23 < gregdek> CanoeBerry: slug it out on-list.  :)
16:23 -!- _sj_ [~sj_@wireless-19-210.media.mit.edu] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:23 < gregdek> My take?
16:23 < gregdek> People mostly manage themselves.
16:23 < gregdek> The only "management" involved in the groups I run for Fedora:
16:24  * isforinsects agreed
16:24 < gregdek> 1. Keep a list of tasks and go through them every week/meeting interval.  At least, the highest priority items.
16:24 < Ian_Daniher> gregdek: +1
16:24 < gregdek> 2. Make sure that every task has (a) a clear description, (b) a clear owner, and (c) a deadline of some kind.
16:24 < gregdek> 3. The "leader" basically walks everyone thru the agenda.
16:25 < gregdek> 4. The gathered peers publicly embarrass those who continually drop tasks.  :)
16:25 < gregdek> That's it.
16:25 -!- Culseg [1893d58d@] has joined #olpc-admin
16:25  * isforinsects points and laughs
16:25 < isforinsects> (not at Culseg)
16:25 <@hhardy> I suggest rt provides us a good vehicle for 1) and 2)
16:25 < Ian_Daniher> there needs to be a central organization, based around the decrees of our benevolent dictator, and as this is infrastructure where there's mandatory low downtime, there needs to be some fairly serious organization with regards to "who's doing what?"
16:26 <@hhardy> using the existing sysadmin queue
16:26 < Ian_Daniher> fully utilized RT would be perfect
16:26 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: can custom fields be added to RT?
16:26 <@hhardy> yes
16:26 < gregdek> Fedora uses Trac, I think.  But it's either/or.
16:27 < Ian_Daniher> RT has worked marvelously so far, for s-g, and is already established
16:27 <@hhardy> both are established and either would work
16:27 < gregdek> Make a call.
16:27 < gregdek> Dictator.
16:27 <@hhardy> rt
16:27 < gregdek> :)
16:27  * cjl genuflects to hhardy as uber-admin
16:27 <@hhardy> the email integration is useful
16:27 <@hhardy> lol
16:28 <@hhardy> I am very humble in this company
16:28 <@hhardy> <-- genuflects
16:28 <@hhardy> with Minsky pottering around how can I not? :)
16:29 <@coderanger_> hhardy: For reference, Trac has email integration too
16:29 <@hhardy> do we need any formal structures other than dictator and team?
16:29 <@coderanger_> lookup email2trac
16:29 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: I don't believe so
16:29 < Ian_Daniher> that's pretty much the way it is in s-g
16:29 < gregdek> hhardy: When they are required, you'll know.  :)
16:29 < cjl> hhardy: RT (within existing sysadmin queue?)
16:29 <@hhardy> rt:sysadmin queue
16:29 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: would subdivisions of the sysadmin queue be needed?
16:29 <@hhardy> support gang already has access as do "volunteers"
16:30 < isforinsects> There are already a backlog of low- and medium- priority tickets in RT
16:30 < Ian_Daniher> if so, is it possible to add them?
16:30 <@hhardy> we might set some categories of tickets to correspond with functional working groups
16:30 < Ian_Daniher> can we have a central list of who has access to what servers and services?
16:30 <@hhardy> we can also add more queues if there is due cause
16:30 -!- _sj_ [~sj_@wireless-19-210.media.mit.edu] has joined #olpc-admin
16:31 < gregdek> Ian_Daniher: +1.
16:31 <@hhardy> and its a plus to be able to share tickets with s-g
16:31 < cjl> I like idea of sysadmin queue within RT (only needs some definition of who doesn't get fingers chopped off :-)
16:31 -!- CBIgenho [41db8208@] has joined #olpc-admin
16:31 < gregdek> Share tickets liberally, but make simplified views for ease of management.
16:31 <@hhardy> Ian Daniher: there is some docuemntation on internal wiki, this should be put public as much as possible
16:32 < CanoeBerry> Welcome Caryl!
16:32 <@hhardy> that is a good wiki-task
16:32 < Ian_Daniher> I agree
16:32 <@hhardy> <-- waves caryl
16:32 < CBIgenho> Sorry I'm late...I was hopelessly lost!
16:32 < Culseg> has protocol for mentoring RT tickets been discussed?...ie liberal use of 'Comments"
16:32 < Ian_Daniher> It would help to know that this person has access to activation server, this other individual to t.l.o, etc
16:32 <@hhardy> culseg: say on
16:33 < _sj_> hiya caryl
16:33 <@hhardy> I tend to use respond a lot, s-g uses comment more so they end user doesnt see everything
16:33 < Culseg> add those with more exp to be allowed to make comments freely in RT tickets until persons are up to speed on issues
16:34 < cjl> Culseg focus has been more directly on sysadmin style tasks, less on SG enhancing suggestions like that
16:34 <@hhardy> pretty much anyone with read access to sysadmin queue now has powers to open, close, comment etc now
16:34 < CanoeBerry> Comments are badly broken (counterintuitive: fails to email the owner, and worse) but were working on it.
16:34 <@hhardy> CanoeBerry: use respond if you want to go to requestor
16:35 < CanoeBerry> Comments are so badly broken they require you know the actual email addresses, beyond just RT usernames.  But again, we're working on it (RT14244 :)
16:35 < gregdek> hhardy: still counterintuitive.
16:35 <@hhardy> I want to at least know the real email address of anyone who is into the sysamdin queue
16:36 <@hhardy> gregdek: better idea?
16:36 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: know from memory or from a spreadsheet?
16:36 -!- kimquirk [~kimquirk@wireless-42.media.mit.edu] has joined #olpc-admin
16:36 <@hhardy> Ian_Daniher whichever
16:36 < gregdek> hhardy: Fix RT as planned.  :)
16:36 < CanoeBerry> Agreed.
16:36 < cjl> RT improvements very much a project for infrastructure-gang to contribute to on behalf of support-gang
16:36 < Ian_Daniher> it's fairly easy to add a commenter if you've memorized their address, but when you have to look it up, it becomes quite a pain
16:36 < gregdek> If you have two input mechanisms that people are accustomed to using, make sure that (a) both work, or (b) one is forbidden.  Confusion is bad.
16:37 <@hhardy> kimquirk: welcome we are at how to manage
16:37 < _sj_> this group in particular can note counterintuitive bits and spec out how to fix them
16:37 < kimquirk> sorry i'm late
16:37 <@hhardy> kimquirk: they have already plotted how to take over the universe :)
16:38 < kimquirk> cool
16:38 < CanoeBerry> Beyond http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=14244 , my job of cleaning up "Comment" functionality is here: http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=14352
16:38 < CBIgenho> Have you already discussed recruitment, training, and retention?
16:38 < cjl> currently agreement to use sysadmin queue in RT under benevolent dictatorship of hhardy.
16:38 <@hhardy> so far we have a organizational structure of dictator + everyone else
16:38 < CanoeBerry> Caryl: we delegated that all to you!
16:39 < CBIgenho> Yikes!  We need to all work on that
16:39 < kimquirk> oh... if someone is taking over RT mods -- they can have all the RT tickets I own on that subject
16:39 < CanoeBerry> I'm on 'em :)
16:39 <@hhardy> we will use rt, this IRC chan and will discuss proposed meeting time on the mailing list olpc-sysadmin@lists.laptop.org
16:40 < CanoeBerry> Henry is forcing us to give up our wkds.
16:40 < CanoeBerry> ;)
16:40 <@hhardy> CBIgenho: canoeberry is kidding with you :)
16:41 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: How to recruit and retain volunteers
16:41 < CanoeBerry> How are we doing towards wrapping up 5pm?
16:41 <@hhardy> I am a bit daunted at the prospect of putting out and announcement and having a slashdot hoarde arrive
16:41 < CBIgenho> Did everyone see the brainstorm results on this topic?
16:42 < gregdek> ...
16:42 <@hhardy> we will wrap at 17:00 and carry on over the list, this chan and Sunday
16:42 < cjl> CBIgenho: some of those are a bit more SG "classic", to some extent the infrastructure gang (current topic) is more about the "SG for the SG" and sysadmin tasks that hhardy can use help with.
16:42 <@hhardy> CBIgenho: please feel free to summarize
16:43 < gregdek> May I?
16:43 <@hhardy> gregdek: go
16:43 < CBIgenho> one important suggestion was that we have several trained s-gers to help Adam assist in the training
16:43 < CanoeBerry> Great!  Further Results of Caryl's Brainstorming: http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/library/2008-August/000694.html
16:44 < gregdek> I think you're dealing with a different class of volunteer in sysadminland.
16:44 < gregdek> You're not going to need to do a whole lot of training.
16:44 < gregdek> What you need to do is figure out what responsibilities you're willing to hand over...
16:44 < isforinsects> ideally the sysadmin team will train you.
16:45 < gregdek> ...figure out what your trust relationship is...
16:45 < gregdek> ...and then get the hell out of the way.  :)
16:45 < isforinsects> :)
16:45 < gregdek> If you get 6 good recruits, you're basically set with the systems you have now.
16:45 < isforinsects> Do we want to migrate the third private wiki to a separate server?
16:45 < isforinsects> And let it die a horrible, unmaintained death? :)
16:46 < cjl> Some of infrastructure task is sysadminning, some is training trainers as Caryl mentions.
16:46 <@hhardy> kimquirk: opinion of moving internal wiki away from where volunteers can see things?
16:46 < kimquirk> how is it available to volunteers?
16:46 <@hhardy> if it was only 6 trusted people maybe not a problem, or maybe we should have some nda like agreement
16:47 <@hhardy> if they are wiki admins with root access on pedal they could see into internal potentially
16:47 < CBIgenho> nda is good
16:47 < kimquirk> i thought the internal wiki was not to be used except for internal contact infroamtion
16:47 < gregdek> I would be wary of mixing hardcore sysadmin tasks with more general "how to keep wiki/rt/db clean" tasks.
16:47 <@hhardy> so initially they will live in userland
16:47 < gregdek> You may be talking about two sets of problems.
16:47 < kimquirk> I would suggest the internal wiki be moved to 'internal infrastructure'
16:47 < gregdek> +1
16:48 < gregdek> hhardy is stuck with that stuff.  ;)
16:48 <@hhardy> works for hhardy
16:48 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: How to insure good communication and accountability
16:49 < isforinsects> +1
16:49 <@hhardy> Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
16:49 < isforinsects> on the wiki/rt/db cleaning note, a wiki-team might be in the works
16:49  * gregdek doesn't speak Latin.  :)
16:49 <@hhardy> "who will watch the watchmen"
16:49 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: tu
16:50 < gregdek> The watchmen will watch each other, and you, hhardy, will be accountable.
16:50 <@hhardy> or, "who will clean up after the janitors" :)
16:50 < gregdek> The leader reaps the rewards when things go well, and takes the bullet when things go badly.  ;)
16:51 < Ian_Daniher> hhardy: tu semper custodiet custodes
16:51 < gregdek> But if you do things right, accountability is tracked in RT -- "who has this task?  Ask RT" -- and communication is mailing lists + weekly meeting.
16:51 < gregdek> The weekly meeting, in my world, is *incredibly important*.
16:51 <@hhardy> gregdek: +1
16:51 < gregdek> It's the opportunity to praise people who are doing well, and call out people who are slacking off.
16:52 < Ian_Daniher> gregdek: +1
16:52 < gregdek> Oh, and every meeting ends with a common understand of actions.
16:52 < gregdek> s/understand/understanding/
16:52 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: How to evaluate the project
16:53 < isforinsects> gregdek, %2e1
16:53 < CBIgenho> did the desired results happen
16:53 <@hhardy> I want to keep an eye on things and expand on what works and triage what not works
16:54 < cjl> evaluate -> see weekly meetings
16:54 < gregdek> Yep.
16:54 < gregdek> You might want to consider some metrics...
16:54 < gregdek> ...but most things are pretty pass/fail.
16:54 <@hhardy> we will have a sense from meetings if formalisms are needed they will porbably evolve
16:54 < cjl> also declare successes and admit failures to OLPC mgmt.
16:54 < gregdek> "Did we get monitoring set up for these 5 hosts?  No?  Why not?"
16:54 < CBIgenho> is this "project" goal driven?
16:55 < gregdek> Very much so.
16:55 < gregdek> The goal:
16:55 <@hhardy> s/porbably/probably/
16:55 < gregdek> To ensure 100% uptime of all systems without hhardy having to do a thing.  ;)
16:55 < gregdek> With additional goals coming along all the time.
16:55 <@hhardy> to keep the ticket queue at a reasonable level
16:55 < CBIgenho> see "volunteer" queue
16:55 <@hhardy> to expand the capabilities of the OLPC movement
16:56 < gregdek> BINGO.
16:56 < gregdek> Of course, that's not so obviously actionable.  ;)
16:56 < gregdek> There will be new tactical goals all the time.
16:56 < gregdek> The purpose of the meeting is to drive those, and evaluate periodically whether they actually matter or not.
16:56 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: How many people are enough?
16:57 < cjl> general tasking to generate sub-project efforts in pursuit of technical improvements to OLPC "capacity" (ability to channel vol effort)
16:57 < gregdek> cjl: Well put.
16:57 < CanoeBerry> henry: anything else from your stated agenda for this mtg we need to cover quick? or later?
16:57 < CBIgenho> what type of people/skills are you looking for?
16:57 < gregdek> CBIgenho: sysadmins at first, I would think.
16:57 < CBIgenho> we see all kinds on the Volunteer queue
16:57 < gregdek> Narrow focus, strong results.
16:58 <@hhardy> CanoeBerry nothing too pressing that cannot be deferred
16:58 < gregdek> So long as we recap action items, and owners, and deadlines.  ;)
16:58 <@hhardy> yes this isn't a "we will train you" thing till we reach some critical mass
16:58 < CBIgenho> we can alert you when we find good prospects
16:59 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: final comments
16:59 < cjl> CBIgenho: They may need to have been around long enough to be trusted "semi-insiders", not sure picking them out of the vol queue will necessarily be necessary 
16:59 < CBIgenho> how about I send a note when one that seems to be a possiblility?
16:59 <@hhardy> I am prepared to accept gregdek's recommendation of people in the existing fedora infrastructure project
17:00 <@hhardy> CBIgenho: good
17:00 < isforinsects> I think that the need to be known *somewhere* and have someone vouch for them maybe
17:00 < gregdek> Yeah.
17:00 < isforinsects> but we let people into the S-G with no history
17:00 < cjl> It is no so much the skills that are in short supply as minimizing the risks that OLPC incurs by sharing access at a deep level.
17:00 < gregdek> Different risk profiles.
17:00 < isforinsects> Some without even giving their name
17:00 < cjl> isforinsects: not the same as giving root
17:00 < gregdek> The risk profile of screwing up infrastructure is *very* high.
17:00 < isforinsects> How about credit card numbers?
17:01 < gregdek> Yeah, that's high too.  :)
17:01 < cjl> isforinsects: I give my credit card to a gas station attendent regularly.
17:01 < CBIgenho> first-born child?
17:01 <@hhardy> how about accidentally deleting a few TB of data?
17:01 < CanoeBerry> Webster says we are all going off to war (infrastructure = the permanent installations required for military purposes!)
17:01 < gregdek> Job #1 for your infrastructure team: GET BACKUPS BULLETPROOF.
17:01 < isforinsects> Of course this is a war!
17:01 < CanoeBerry> Peace Out!
17:01 <@hhardy> webster, schmebster :)
17:02 < gregdek> srsly.  One of the most important things is to remove risk from the equation.
17:02 <@hhardy> gregdek: +1
17:02 < gregdek> Backups are item #1.
17:02 < gregdek> hhardy: this was covered in Mike McGrath's note to you, I think.
17:02 < gregdek> Should I invite him to the next meeting, btw?
17:02 <@hhardy> gregdek: yes
17:03 < CanoeBerry> Background on Mike McGrath anybody?
17:03 < gregdek> Mike McGrath is the head of the Fedora Infrastructure team, for those who don't know.
17:03 < gregdek> CanoeBerry: jinx.  :)
17:03 < gregdek> Used to run Linux for Orbitz.  Now runs Fedora infrastructure for us.  ;)
17:03 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: next meeting sunday at 2pm EDT, same Bat-channal
17:03 < cjl> folks from projects like Fedora are to be highly valued, building bridges to other efforts and leveraging shared best practices is very impt.
17:04 < gregdek> Fedora folks are psyched and ready to do so.  :)
17:04 < CanoeBerry> 2pm Sunday is INSANE, everything else above I agree with :)
17:04 < cjl> I want to sucker wome wikipedians into helping with countervandal bots. . 
17:04 <@hhardy> Kim is rounding up peoples for activities meeting shutting down this for now
17:04 < gregdek> We will work out meeting onlist.  ;)
17:04 < gregdek> ACTION ITEMS?
17:04 <@hhardy> THANKS ALL!!
17:04 <@hhardy> oh action items
17:04 < gregdek> ACTION ITEMS???
17:04 <@hhardy> lol
17:05 < gregdek> :)
17:05 < cjl> Join mailing list
17:05 <@hhardy> camp out on this chan
17:05 < gregdek> My only job is to nag you for action items every week.  ;)
17:05 <@hhardy> backups
17:05 < gregdek> Can we make backups a focus of next week's meeting?
17:05 < CanoeBerry> Action Item: Gang Colors Must be Chosen (and shirts/bandanas distributed pronto..)
17:05 < cjl> to be fair, first meeting was about scoping (not setting actions)./
17:05 <@hhardy> send a more general announcement to christoph, et al
17:05 < gregdek> Or Sunday's meeting, or whenever?  :)
17:06 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: ACTION ITEMS
17:06 < CanoeBerry> SJ/is4: any action on shirt?
17:06 < cjl> thanks all
17:07 <@hhardy> gregdek: yes see if you have someone with TSM exp pls we can do TSM to MIT just need the client installed and configured
17:07 <@hhardy> TYVM all
17:07 <@cjb> (TSM is "Tivoli Storage Manager")
17:09 < isforinsects> CanoeBerry, no news from SJ
17:09 < isforinsects> I may take over :P
17:10 < isforinsects> cjl, working on a bot today :)
17:11 -!- reubencaron is now known as register
17:12 -!- register [~reuben@crank.laptop.org] has left #olpc-admin []
17:12 < isforinsects> I declare this meeting 'journed.