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13:30 -!- mode/#olpc-admin [+o hhardy] by ChanServ
13:31 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: OLPC's Volunteer Infrastructure Group meeting Sunday 2:00 pm EDT -04:00 UCT
13:57 <@hhardy> hello all
13:58 <@hhardy> I am giving people 10 minutes to assemble, if we don't have a critical mass we will reschedule
14:02  * gregdek hullos.
14:03 <@hhardy> hi nobody but us so far will reschedule if we dont get more in the next ~7 minutes
14:03 < gregdek> Okay.
14:03 < gregdek> Perhaps this is not the best time after all.
14:03 <@hhardy> in lieu of a better time I will go back to tuesday at 4pm where we had a decent turnout
14:04 < CanoeBerry_> Hi Guys, can't stay for long, but got a few min!
14:04 <@hhardy> hi we are short of people going to reschedule unless we see a few more in the next few min
14:04 <@hhardy> canoe is tuesday at 4pm a better time for you?
14:05 -!- Culseg [1893d58d@] has joined #olpc-admin
14:05 <@hhardy> hi culseg
14:05 < Culseg> greetings, time for adjenda add?
14:05 < CanoeBerry_> Tues 4pm's easy for me.  Adric can do every Tue/Wed/Thur PM (preferably early evenings)
14:05 < CanoeBerry_> Or later afternoons...
14:06 <@hhardy> is tuesday 5:15pm better?
14:06 <@hhardy> culseg: sure
14:06 < CanoeBerry_> Totally your call. 5PM?
14:07 <@hhardy> I want a bit of slack in case my regular sysadmin mtng runs over
14:07 < Culseg> moderation of Forum (and future Fora?)
14:07 <@hhardy> forum meaning the mailing list?
14:07 < Culseg> no, the Forum that mburns started
14:07 <@hhardy> any further agena items?
14:07 <@hhardy> forum that mburns started? url?
14:08 < CanoeBerry_> Volunteers who can fix the 'L' key that broke on both my computers ;)
14:08 < Culseg> http://en.forum.laptop.org/
14:08 <@hhardy> what are you doing with your l key?
14:08 <@hhardy> giv'n 'em 'ell?
14:08 < CanoeBerry_> Nevermind, but yeah what are the odds :)
14:09 <@hhardy> dude you need to send those to me for repair
14:09 <@hhardy> otherwise your LOL's will become just "O"
14:09 < CanoeBerry_> :)
14:10 <@hhardy> ok here's the agenda for today:
14:10 <@hhardy> 1) purpose of the group
14:10 <@hhardy> 2) introductions
14:10 <@hhardy> 3) general guidelines
14:10 <@hhardy> 4) resources
14:10 <@hhardy> 4.1 website
14:10 <@hhardy> 4.2 wiki
14:10 <@hhardy> 4.3 mailing lists
14:10 <@hhardy> 4.4 rt
14:10 <@hhardy> 4.5 trac and git
14:10 <@hhardy> 5) areas to subdelegate
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.1 trac and git
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.2 wiki
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.3 mailing list
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.4 IRC
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.5 rt
14:10 <@hhardy> 5.6 notes and documentation
14:10 <@hhardy> 6) Culseg: forum moderation
14:10 <@hhardy> 7) future plans
14:10 <@hhardy> 8) ACTION ITEMS
14:11 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: Purpose of OLPC's Volunteer Infrastructure Group
14:12 <@hhardy> My basic ideas as far as purpose:
14:12 <@hhardy> Make the sysadmin's job easier
14:12 <@hhardy> Improve the infrastructure systems through "many hands/many minds"
14:13 <@hhardy> strengthen ties with the community
14:13 <@hhardy> anyone want to add/criticise?
14:13 < gregdek> +1.
14:13 < gregdek> Simple.  :)
14:13 <@hhardy> anything further?
14:13 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: Introductions
14:14 <@hhardy> I am Henry Edward Hardy
14:14 <@hhardy> Old sysadmin going back to ARPAnet: NIC: HEH
14:14 <@hhardy> former senior sysadmin for Verio
14:14 <@hhardy> wrote my Master's thesis on the History of the Net
14:14 <@hhardy> OLPC sysadmin
14:15 <@hhardy> next?
14:15 < gregdek> Greg DeKoenigsberg
14:15 < gregdek> community guy for Red Hat
14:15 < gregdek> founder of the Fedora Project board
14:15 < gregdek> layabout, ne'er-do-well, braggart, blackguard
14:15 < gregdek> next?
14:16 <@hhardy> gregdek we can stipulate that for everyone here :)
14:16 < gregdek> ;)
14:16 <@hhardy> <--- points canoeBerry
14:16 < CanoeBerry_> CanoeBerry who has to run now unfortunately, but will be more in attendance at future mtgs!!
14:17 <@hhardy> ok thx for stopping in
14:17 < Culseg> OK
14:17 <@hhardy> culseg <---
14:17 < Culseg> Sandy Culver 
14:18 < Culseg> learned and forgot Red Hat 4 or 5. linux
14:18 < Culseg> previous moderator experience and FAQ maintainer, many years ago
14:19 < Culseg> a  moderate person with strong people skills and clear values
14:19 <@hhardy> isn't that the conservative's definition of a radical? :)
14:19 < Culseg> a business coach style advisor 
14:20 <@hhardy> and support gang stalwart
14:20 < gregdek> Any others?
14:21 < Culseg> yes,  8 months SG volunteer
14:21 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: general guidelines
14:21 < gregdek> :)
14:21 <@hhardy> It occurs to me that we should put down some general guidelines along the lines of an AUP
14:22 < gregdek> Yes.
14:22 <@hhardy> I think it is easier to enforce an AUP rather than an NDA in the absence of an employee relationship
14:22 < gregdek> Yes, agreed.
14:22 < gregdek> Something as simple as you can make it.
14:23 <@hhardy> since we share network resources with MIT will probably base this on their AUP + SAGE's template AUP's
14:25 <@hhardy> don't have more to say on this as yet
14:25 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: resources
14:26 <@hhardy> I want to make sure people are familiar with the public facing resources of olpc
14:26 <@hhardy> namely: web, wiki, trac, git, mail, mailman, rt
14:26 < gregdek> From what perspective?
14:27 <@hhardy> these are tools we can use and also candidates for us to sysadmin
14:27 -!- nteon [~nteon@dhcp-47-122.media.mit.edu] has joined #olpc-admin
14:28 <@hhardy> welcome nteon
14:28 < nteon> hi fellows, I am bobby, a friendly summer intern here at 1cc
14:28 <@hhardy> we have done introductions but please say a few lines about yourself
14:28 <@hhardy> thanks (I shanghaied bobby when he walked in just now at 1cc)
14:29 <@hhardy> sending nteon the agenda
14:30 < gregdek> So I think people know about these systems, right?
14:30 <@hhardy> the people on this conference now do
14:30 <@hhardy> I am going to skip delegating particular tasks now as we are below critical mass
14:31 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: notes and documentation
14:31 <@hhardy> we can use an administative type person to make meeting notes and transcripts, maintain mailing list and work on wikizing documentation
14:32 <@hhardy> there's a lot of stuff on internal wiki which should be traged and copyied or transcluded over to the public wiki I think for this project
14:33 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: culseg: forum moderation
14:34 <@hhardy> culseg: <--- is all ears
14:34 < Culseg> all I can say is that others are needed to moderate Forum
14:35 <@hhardy> forum.l.o?
14:35 < Culseg> yes
14:35 <@hhardy> that is not controlled by me
14:35 < Culseg> http://en.forum.laptop.org/
14:36 < Culseg> control is not always as important as influence
14:36 < gregdek> +1/
14:36 <@hhardy> that is hosted at orgegon state I think we can certainly find out who are the responsibles
14:37 < Culseg> great, mburns has done a great job
14:37 < gregdek> mburns should be in these meetings.  :)
14:37  * gregdek thinks that OSU could end up being a focal point for a lot of this kind of community sysadmin work.
14:38 <@hhardy> culseg want to invite him for tuesday? 5:15 pm next meeting
14:38 <@hhardy> oh look ACTION ITEM
14:38 < Culseg> sure, but your 'infuence' invite would be a higher value!
14:38 <@hhardy> ok I will send something to him if I can find an email
14:39 < Culseg> will send later
14:39  * gregdek goes to make sure that 5:15pm Tue is on his calendar...
14:39 <@hhardy> ACTION ITEM hhardy to invite mburns to next i-g mtng
14:39 <@hhardy> ACTION ITEM hhardy to draft AUP
14:39 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: future plans
14:40 <@hhardy> this is where each person can say where they would like this initiative to go
14:40 <@hhardy> I would like to see a model that can be emulated by all OLPC'ish orgs
14:41 <@hhardy> such as Nepal, OLPC-Europe, OLPC-India, etc
14:41 <@hhardy> I know Europe could benefit from some volunteer sysadmin support
14:41 < gregdek> A good question:
14:41 < gregdek> Should we centralize or decentralize?
14:42 < gregdek> Fedora chooses to centralize resources because it's easier to secure, and we don't split the hands.
14:42 < gregdek> Not sure if that's possible in this case.
14:42 <@hhardy> I'd like to learn more about how this works in Fedora
14:43 <@hhardy> both tendancies are at work at OLPC
14:43 <@hhardy> on the one hand, to push everything out to the deployments and user community
14:43 <@hhardy> on the other hand to centralize and become like a "real bueiness"
14:43 <@hhardy> s/bueiness/business/
14:44 < gregdek> hhardy: You've got Mike McGrath's contact info.
14:44 <@hhardy> yes we exchanged one email
14:44 < gregdek> Keep going.  :)
14:44 < gregdek> I think it's a decision you will make over time.
14:44 < gregdek> It doesn't make sense to centralize until you've got a big enough team to legitimately handle all resources.
14:45 <@hhardy> in terms of scope I am primarily accountable to the OLPC Association and they are answerable to the OLPC Foundation
14:45 <@hhardy> so that is whose interests I primarily serve organizationally
14:46 <@hhardy> I have a mandate from Chuck to do whatever possible to support Europe and in practice I am held answerable by the entire ocmmunity
14:46 <@hhardy> so I guess I would pick "concentric rings" approach
14:47 <@hhardy> inner ring: the association
14:47  * gregdek nods.
14:47 <@hhardy> next ring: foundation and board members
14:47 < gregdek> I've always grown structures like this organically.
14:47 <@hhardy> next ring: sugar and activity developers
14:47 < gregdek> Find your volunteers, and figure out what structure suits them.
14:47 <@hhardy> next ring: country deployments
14:48 < gregdek> With an emphasis on giving them real tasks asap.
14:48 <@hhardy> next ring: OLPC userbase
14:48 <@hhardy> coderanger used to admin trac as an intern and I'm inclined to let him take it again as a volunteer as he has expressed interest
14:49 <@hhardy> adric and someone else have been talking with canoeberry about helping with rt
14:49 < gregdek> Yep.
14:49 <@hhardy> I havent had too many more people step up with specific areas they want to take the lead on
14:50 < gregdek> Haven't advertised openings yet.  ;)
14:50 < gregdek> At least, not heavily.
14:50 <@hhardy> seth sent the transcript of the last meeting to christoph at olpc news and I sent him the invite to this meeting
14:50 < gregdek> So lemme ask this question:
14:50 <@hhardy> but I didnt see anything on olpcnews yet
14:51 < gregdek> All things in time.
14:51 < gregdek> But to some degree, you're preaching to the converted there.
14:51 < gregdek> But lemme ask this:
14:51 < gregdek> If someone showed up and said "I'm a 19th level elf warrior/sysadmin and I want to join your quest..."
14:51 < gregdek> ...do you know exactly where you'd put him?
14:51 <@hhardy> adminning a mud?
14:52 < gregdek> ;)
14:52  * gregdek . o O ( wow, when's the last time I logged into a mud? )
14:52 < nteon> mud.laptop.org 
14:52 < gregdek> srsly?
14:52 < nteon> not yet :)
14:53 < gregdek> Aw.  Disappointed.  ;)
14:53 <@hhardy> I updated the games page on wiki recently to suggest porting roguelike and nethacklike and muds to xo
14:53 < gregdek> Anyway.  That's the question, hhardy.  If I spend my time sending geeks your way, how long will it take you to bootstrap them and make them useful?
14:53 <@hhardy> <--- was wizard on the original LPmud
14:54  * gregdek preferred muses.  :)
14:54 <@hhardy> we can take 4-6 people now
14:54 < gregdek> All right.  Then I will start chasing people down.
14:54 <@hhardy> and any number of wikipedians
14:55 <@hhardy> there is already a wiki admin procedure
14:55 <@hhardy> looking for link
14:56 <@hhardy> hmmm I will ping sj for the page address
14:56 -!- hhardy changed the topic of #olpc-admin to: ACTION ITEMS
14:56 <@hhardy> I see three so far
14:56 <@hhardy> hhardy invite mburns
14:57 <@hhardy> hhardy draft AUP
14:57 <@hhardy> hhardy find wiki admin app
14:57 <@hhardy> and gregdek invite folks as appropriate
14:57 <@hhardy> anythng further?
14:57 < gregdek> I think that covers it for now.
14:58 <@hhardy> next meeting: Tuesday, 5:15 pm EDT -04:00 UCT same bat-time, same bat-channel
14:58 <@hhardy> well same bat-channel anyway
14:58 <@hhardy> thanks for coming all
14:58 <@hhardy> anything final?
14:59 < gregdek> Not from my end.
14:59 <@hhardy> ok thanks see you tuesday
14:59 < nteon> "Grabbing the handle of an XO you bludgeon your opponent to death with it"
14:59 <@hhardy> "you are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike"
15:00 <@hhardy> cheers
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19:29 -!- adric [~adric@atlanta.national-net.com] has joined #olpc-admin
19:30 <@hhardy> hi adric
19:30 <@hhardy> next volunteer infrastructure group meeting will be tuesday at 5:15pm edt
19:30 < adric> morning :) good meeting?
19:30 < adric> Okay, cool, thanks.
19:31 <@hhardy> only a few people showed up
19:31 <@hhardy> was ok
19:31 <@hhardy> sunday may not be best time
19:32 < adric> Sure, did someone get a tx or some minutes?
19:38  * adric rejects some CNN spam from help@, whee.
19:38 <@hhardy> yes I have it logged I will send to olpc-sysadmin@laptop.org list
19:39 <@hhardy> are you on that?
19:39 < adric> I am, yes, thanks