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 <hhardy> hello all!
 <hhardy> adric emailed me that he is running a bit late
<kimquirk> hi
 <hhardy> Welcome to the OLPC Volunteer INfrastructure Group meeting
<isforinsects> Hi-hi all
<isforinsects> paulproteus, ping


  <hhardy> Here's the agenda + the addition of ACTION ITEMS
  <hhardy> gregdek will chastise me if that isn't in here
  <hhardy> triage and migration of sysadmin docs from internalwiki
  <hhardy> rt
  <hhardy> pootle
  <hhardy> wiki
  <hhardy> drupal
  <hhardy> big sister
  <hhardy> content server
  <hhardy> mailing list
  <hhardy> installation/configuration of crank and pedal mirrors at 1cc
  <hhardy> recruitment
  <hhardy> update roles/responsibilities on wiki
  <hhardy> ACTION ITEMS
  <hhardy> general discussion
  <hhardy> any additions to the agenda?
 <paulproteus> isforinsects, pong
 <kimquirk> build server?


  <hhardy> Anyone who is new please briefly intriduce yourselves
  <hhardy> ok will add that
 <paulproteus> I'm Asheesh Laroia.  I'm the web team leader for Students for Free
           Culture, and spending time on IRC instead of doing my day job as a
           software engineer at Creative Commons.
* hhardy has changed the topic to: introductions
  <hhardy> hello Asheesh
  <hhardy> anyone else new?

Sysadmin docs

* hhardy has changed the topic to: triage and migration of sysadmin docs from internalwiki
  <hhardy> there is some discussion of this topic on the discussion page at
 <isforinsects> one suggestion was to store the docs (what needs to be shared) in
  <hhardy> yes and I like that idea
  <hhardy> we need one or a few people to do this
  <hhardy> any takers?
  <hhardy> ok we will defer this or I will do it
 <isforinsects> I think you need to do it
  <hhardy> I think adric is not here so we will defer rt for now
 <isforinsects> or at least provide the sanitized docs.
  <hhardy> ok ACTION ITEM: HH to migrate docs
  <hhardy> yes


* hhardy has changed the topic to: pootle
  <hhardy> pootle is a tool to facilitate translation which we host
 <isforinsects> What about it?
  <hhardy> it would be great if we could host this in the community
  <hhardy> unmanindu: has suggested we recruit some community maintainers for
           the system
  <hhardy> anyone interested?
  <hhardy> we will defer that then


* hhardy has changed the topic to: wiki
  <hhardy> isforinsects: want to say something about wiki-gang?
 <isforinsects> Yes, I've finalized the documentation/recruitment page on the
           wiki [[wiki gang]]
 <isforinsects> as well as created a nav-header and organized a half dozen or so
           open tasks.
  <hhardy> link?
 <isforinsects> http://wiki.laptop.org/index.php?title=Wiki_gang
 <isforinsects> Henry also set me up with a mailing list yesterday
 <isforinsects> wiki-gang@lists.laptop.org
  <hhardy> I am coming to appreciate the wiki more and more
  <hhardy> http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/wiki-gang
  <hhardy> Henry==hhardy
 <isforinsects> I have the semantic wiki expert s.page on board, as well as some
           of our other wiki-regulars and I will be sending out a specific
           recruiting message this evening after the OLPC Boston meeting at
  <hhardy> and I will recruit for the i-g there tonight
 <isforinsects> And I pinged Frances to recruit for the Support-gang.
 <isforinsects> Other than that, I think that everyone saw the wiki-stats that
           were in weekend and community news?
 <isforinsects> That's all I have to say


  • hhardy has changed the topic to: Drupal
  • adric_road (~bsk@um.atlbbs.com) has joined #olpc-admin
 <hhardy> Our learning team has a drupal at http://learning.laptop.org which
          could use some community assistance and content
 <hhardy> hellp adric
 <hhardy> hello even
 <hhardy> help also :)


  <hhardy> Adric: is it ok if I transfer the rt tickets about rt itself to you?
 <isforinsects> I think that it's pretty awesome and should be supported as much
           as we can.
 <isforinsects> Let's come back to RT we skipped over it in favor of drupal
 <isforinsects> :P


  <hhardy> ok sorry anything further on Drupal?
 <isforinsects> Yes.  Who has the latest from Julianio?
  <hhardy> Haven't heard recetnyl who will ping him?
 <isforinsects> I pinged him about a vulnerability the other day and he said that
           he would fix it.
 <isforinsects> I don't now if he's interested in community involvement?
 <isforinsects> Do we have anyone who knows drupal?
  <hhardy> we should offer our services and see if we can help
 <isforinsects> I know a bit, but not much.
 <isforinsects> Alright, I'll offer the support of the sysadmin team if no one
  <hhardy> ACTION ITEM: isforinsects to ping Juliano RE: learning.l.o


* hhardy has changed the topic to: RT
  <hhardy> Adric: is it ok if I transfer the rt tickets about rt itself to you?
 <adric_road> sure
  <hhardy> Adric I hope you are not texting while driving! :)
  <hhardy> ACTION ITEM: hhardy to transfer tickets RE: rt to Adric
 <adric_road> tetxt? this ssh and ircii :/
  <hhardy> oh cause you are adric_road I wondered
 <kimquirk> hhardy: I can do that (since I own the RT tickets)...
  <hhardy> ACTION ITEM: kimquirk to transfer her rt tickets to Adric
  <hhardy> there are a few more I own also
 <isforinsects> Next action item?
  <hhardy> Adric: anything further RE: rt?

Content server

  • hhardy has changed the topic to: content server
<isforinsects> http://rt.laptop.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=19415
<isforinsects> I feel that there is a need for a content server in the OLPC
<isforinsects> Like Dev for developers, we need a content dev server to develop
          some content.
 <hhardy> it would be nice if we can find someone in the community to host this
<isforinsects> I have some tasks that need done and require more space and
          processing power than I currently have.
 <hhardy> would need respectable cpu, memory and bandwidth
 <hhardy> anyone have any possibilities?
<isforinsects> For instance I have 60GiB or so images that need to be processed
          and reuploaded.  And CJL has some scraping of public domain materials
          that needs to be doen.
<isforinsects> I spoke to the freecontent people about this earlier.
<paulproteus> I can lend some CPU, memory, and bandwidth to that.
 <hhardy> we should ping osuosl
<paulproteus> I don't know all the requirements yet.
<isforinsects> And paulproteus offered a few hundred GiB on his makeusad server
 <hhardy> ACTION ITEM: isforinsects and paulproteus to investigate a home for
          content server, ok?
<isforinsects> We ought to develop some specs of what this machine would require
          and the proceedure for getting an account.
<paulproteus> Yes, I defer the requirements capturing mostly to isforinsects.
<isforinsects> I will capture req's
 <hhardy> also ping gregdek maybe fedora can host
<isforinsects> What is the current procedure for getting an account on dev.l.o?
<paulproteus> isforinsects, Did you say this may be something laptop.org might
          spend money on, as far as hardware?
 <hhardy> could include the sound library, pakistani sesame street, photo
          archives, etc
<isforinsects> We would need to document a little more first of course.
 <hhardy> possibly if we come up with a good plan I can propose
 <hhardy> I have not my own budget
<isforinsects> This very well may be something that a standard hosting company
          would be willing to do.  I belive that todd kelsey talked to a lot of
          hosting companies and got some free accounts for OLPC
<isforinsects> It would be nice if one were a dedicated server that we had root
<isforinsects> I will pursue this and paulproteus and I should present at next
          weeks meeting?
<isforinsects> Sound good?>
 <hhardy> ok isfor pls coordinate w/ paulproteus and report next week?
 <hhardy> lol
<paulproteus> Great.
 <hhardy> I will be on vacation next week isforinsects will coordinate the
          meeting in case I cannot get online
 <hhardy> I plan to check in tho
<isforinsects> Ok, next action item?

Build server

* hhardy has changed the topic to: build server
 <isforinsects> I need to get to the OLPC_Boston meeting across the street at 6
  <hhardy> we have a nice big fast box for a build server but since dgilmore
           left to go to redhat nobody is owning it
  <hhardy> this requires a pretty deep knowledge of the fedora build process
  <hhardy> we will look for volunteers from the community and see if fedoras
           infrastructure volunteers might pitch in
* adric_road has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
 <dgilmore> hhardy: what are you talking about?
  <hhardy> oh hi what's the status of weka?
 <dgilmore> hhardy: im still working on it
  <hhardy> I haven't heard anything recently
 <dgilmore> its a compose box not a build box
 <kimquirk> dgilmore: what's a compose box?
  <hhardy> dgilmore: you want to comtinue owning weka then?
 <dgilmore> hhardy: thats fine.
 <kimquirk> (for someone who doesn't know the difference)
 <dgilmore> cscott was supposed to call me today to go over some of it
<dgilmore> kimquirk: images are composed on it
<dgilmore> kimquirk: as apposed to packages being built
<kimquirk> dgilmore: does that mean they actually get built on a different
<dgilmore> kimquirk: yes
* adric (~bsk@um.atlbbs.com) has joined #olpc-admin
  <hhardy> dgilmore: have you or would you please levelset us on status and
           progress of weka pls?
* adric is ok, just got lost... will bbl
<dgilmore> hhardy: i could if i new what levelsetting is
* adric has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
  <hhardy> ==document it
<dgilmore> thanks for using english
<kimquirk> dgilmore: how about what the next step is, how we can help get there,
           and when it will be in use (schedule kind of things)
<dgilmore> kimquirk: im comfortable that mash is working as expected
<dgilmore> so i need to extend the image composing scripts to build an image
<dgilmore> then setup the process to push todownload.laptop.org
<dgilmore> kimquirk: so in the next day or two with cscott's help it will eb
           ready to go
  <hhardy> great
<kimquirk> sounds good. thanks!

Mailing list

* hhardy has changed the topic to: mailing list
  <hhardy> we could use another admin/moderator for the olpc-sysadmin mailing
           list, it is pretty low volume so far
<isforinsects> I'm heading out, I'll be back in an hour or so.
  <hhardy> it is a mailman list
  <hhardy> any takers?
  <hhardy> ok deferred

Crank & Pedal mirrors

* hhardy has changed the topic to: installation/configuration of crank and pedal mirrors at 1cc
  <hhardy> I have two machines intended to be able to be used as hot spares for
           crank and pedal.l.o
  <hhardy> I am having some problems figuring out how to get them to be able to
           autoboot into the images so they can be a hot failover
  <hhardy> if someone with experience in this can assist me it would be much


* hhardy has changed the topic to: recruitment
  <hhardy> Let's get the word out to people we know and trust who might be
           ineterested in the infrastructure group
  <hhardy> in that regard will be heading over to the Boston OLPC meeting in a
           few min

update roles/responsibilities on wiki

* hhardy has changed the topic to: update roles/responsibilities on wiki
  <hhardy> ACTION ITEM: hhardy and/or isforinsects to update
           roles/responsibilties for the i-g
  <hhardy> on wiki
<paulproteus> hhardy, Maybe you can set up heartbeat for that? re: autoboot
<paulproteus> I haven't set this up myself, though.
  <hhardy> paulproteus: I'd appreciate another mind on this I've gotten to a
           point of frustration where it is taking longer than it should
  <hhardy> can I consult with you?
<paulproteus> Yes, but not right now.  Maybe tomorrow this time?
  <hhardy> sure tomorrow this time this chan


* hhardy has changed the topic to: ACTION ITEMS
  <hhardy> any further action items other than noted above?
* kimquirk (~kimquirk@wireless-19-131.media.mit.edu) has left #olpc-admin
  <hhardy> ok tabling further discussion, thanks for coming all!
  <hhardy> paulproteus email hhardy@laptop.org with your contact info pls
  <hhardy> thanks!