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Here is the list of proposed to the OLPC BaseCamp 2013, Malakka event to be held in Malaysia from 16th to 17th of November 2013.

Feel free to either propose session or request a topic to learn by filling following form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1oWRcaQXVsV1eziMKqJpqfDrbZSjoo7QnaDcBQc38Pck/viewform

# Name Session Type Audience Instruments Description
01 Walter Bender Sugar 102 Discussion Every one video projector Quick review of Sugar 100 and then brainstorm ideas for Sugar 102
02 T.K. Kang Flipping OLPC: 123Educomputing Discussion Every one Once of OLPC core mission is 1:1 computing and ownership. I think we need to flip this model that is more practical for asian deployment. This session are my thoughts on the matter.
03 Nancie Severs SE Asia Deployments and the Relevance of the XO Laptop in A Smartphone and Tablet World Talk Projector with cable to hook-up to a Macbook and screen Persntation and Disussion: I will use a short Slideshow with photos and subject bullets to tell about the Vung Vieng Village project and the Reaksmy Cambodia Project. This will be a starting point for questions and discussion of where the XOs are still really useful and about what the next devices may be.
04 Danishka Navin How to contribute to the OLPC/Sugar Talk Every one Multimedia projector Internet Explain the ways you can contribute to the OLPC/Sugar projects. You might be a teacher, student, developer, hardware engineer, marketing person, etc. But there are many ways you can contribute to the project.
05 Danishka Navin How to package Sugar Activities for Fedora Workshop Advance You need a laptop with fedora installed and internet. This workshop is for those who interested in packaging Sugar Activities for Fedora.
06 Danishka Navin Sugar on your Fedora box Talk Beginner multimedia projector explaining what you can do if you do not have enough OLPC devices in your school...
07 Danishka Navin OLPC in your language Workshop Beginner laptop, internet getting more people in to sugar desktop localization
08 William Hooi HacKIDemia: Nurturing young hacker/makers Talk Every one Projector Will be sharing the HacKIDemia project, its prospects and challenges in nurturing young hacker/makers.
09 Tony Anderson Deployment on a Disk (DoD) Workshop I will bring the essential equipment the disk. I will also have sample school servers, routers, and laptops. I will have a prototype of the Deployment on a Disk. The disk has

all of the software and content needed to complete a deployment. The workshop will be similar to those provided to new users at a deployment. The workshop can be adapted to the audience and the sessions preceding it. A similar workshop is planned at deployments in Rwanda and Lesotho in December.

10 Zakharia Primaditya laptops for remote elementary school Discussion Every one Multimedia projector Discussion how a school in remote area withvlimited infrastrucure can apply an laptop base lesson and classroom.