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Working with local community. First step is implementing and presentation track at Seattle ( Health Jam) and Bellingham ( LinuxFest Northwest 2008 ). Gathering local users in the area between Seattle , WA and Vancouver, BC (Canada) in demonstrating XO Laptop power and program ideologies. Linking developers, community support, children (testing, evaluation, feedback, and education together.

Gathering location will be at Bellingham's 'Public Market' which has regular performances and meeting spaces, along with child play area. Grassroots / organic food community meeting place for exchanging ideas about alternative energy, sustainable practices, community building, low cost food, and shopping area. This area is also well known for business locations of Terra Organica and Stuarts at the market Coffee House.

If enough XO Laptops available, will setup regular and ongoing public access events, allowing the public to experience the XO Laptops.


Open 'lab' environment, where the public can come in and use the laptops, experiment, share, take pictures... etc)
Educational and contact information available for OLPC, BLUG, and others....


Troubleshooting checklist (template)


XO Laptop packages (3 delivered with two boxes and parts each)

( See OLPC_Bellingham/Repair_center/inventory for full details )


(Note what doesn't work, and last item tested)

XO Laptop main equipment (Testing)

[ ] Power
[ ] Button 'On' works.
[x ] Screen turns on
[x ] See Firmware message
[x ] See 'XO Icon circle' loading
[x ] Touchpad (move mouse around correctly)
[x ] Battery power, tested and working
    [ 3   |   |   ] hrs (? Length of charge down, up, down, and up ?)
        (every 5 mins or so, push button or touch touch pad )
[x ] AC/DC adapter power, tested and working
    [   ] (? able to charge battery above ?)
[x ] Wireless antenna works  
   (connect to wireless network)
[x ] Microphone works 
   (Measure Activity)
[x ] Camera works
   (Record Activity)
[x ] 3 USB ports works
   (USB device, i.e. Mouse)
[x ] SD Card works
   (Read and write storage)
[x ] Button 'off' works.
   (device powers down)


[x ] Loads Sugar
   [x ] Frame bar loads
     [x ] Able to scroll Activities back and forth.
   [x ] Journal loads
     [x ] Click on Journal to see past entries.   
[x ] Loads Write
   [x ] Type "XO has a mary lamb, and the fleece was white and green."
   [x ] Able to click on [ Keep ]
   [x ] Able to close.
   [x ] Able to open past session.
[x ] Loads 'Neighborhood'
   [ ] Can connect to local network
[x ] Loads Browse
   [x ] Can connect wiki.laptop.org
   [x ] Can navigate forward, back, and bookmark
[x ] Click on Journal to see past entries.
   [x ] Open older entry successfully.