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Projects/XO pilot projects in Russia

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  • Contact
    • harrievo
    • Nijmegen, Netherlands
    • Experience: Harrie Vollaard (OLPC The Netherlands, Foundation) is innovation director with 10 years experience with new technology (biometrics, RFID, NFC, RIA, widgets, video communication, accessibility tools, Linux, GRID technology, iTV, virtual worlds etc.) in a major bank in the Netherlands. Capabilities: Innovation management and project management. Works very closely together with:

Boris Yarmakhov (OLPC Russia. Nizhny Novgorod) is an educator with 15 years of experience of teaching at secondary school and University levels. Experienced user of PC systems and peripherals, digital photography, sound recording. Software skills include the Internet applications, distance learning systems, educational software.

Yevgeny Patarakin (Scratch Russia) is an IT and education expert with 20+ years of experience. Proficient with Scratch, Logo, Moodle, wiki-wiki systems. Experienced user of PC systems and peripherals, GPS navigation.

Olga Ursova (CDE, Pskov) is an educational specialist in the area of distance learning systems. Experienced with PC systems, office applications, and various educational software.

Gertie Clabbers (OLPC The Netherlands, Foundation) is occupational therapist. She set up activities with people with a psychiatric background and support and stimulates them. Experience with PC and office applications.

    • Members: OLPC Russia, Centre of Distance Learning Pskov, Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical University, City Administration Pskov, School 21, Palkinskaya school and Seredkinskaya schools in Pskov, School for Visual Impaired Children Nizhny Novgorod, Foundation Meters Maken voor Millennium (Making Miles for Millennium)

  • Project
    • Name: Introduction of XO laptops for (visual impaired) school students in Pskov and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
    • Description: To determine if One Laptop Per Child initiative can be successful introduced in Russia. To achieve the main objective two pilot initiatives need to be done:

1) Introduction of the XO in Pskov at different schools and to the different stakeholders within Pskov.

2) Introduction of the XO at the Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical University to the Nizhny Novgorod educators (schools also for visual impaired children and colleges). June, 6-10 (TBA) together with

3) Introduction of the XO to students at an ecological summer camp in Nizhny Novgorod.

Project deliverables:

1) 10 localized XO in Pskov for Centre for Distance Learning and City Administration (funds by Foundation, localization by OLPC Russia)

2) 20 localized XO at Visual Impaired School and at an ecological camp Nizhny Novgorod (funds by Foundation, localization by OLPC Russia)

3) IT infrastructure in Pskov at the schools and Nizhny Novgorod at the camp (funds by Foundation, localization by OLPC Russia)

4) Stakeholder analysis; The analysis gives the insight what the success criteria will be to introduce XO's at a larger scale in Pskov and Russia (OLPC Russia).

5) Report of the visits for publicity purposes (Foundation Meters Maken voor Millennium)

6) Evaluation report Nizhny Novgorod about the added value of the XO for students (OLPC Russia)

7) Evaluation report Pskov with a go/no go for larger scale deployment (OLPC Russia)

The unique selling points of the projects are:

- First introduction of XO’s in Russia

- The special way of introduction generates publicity more easy

- Development of software for visual impaired children

There will be an opportunity to introduce the XO in Russia during the trip of Harrie Vollaard and Gertie Clabbers through Russia because the Foundation Meters Maken voor Millennium is able to finance the needed XO’s. The trip is focused on how to develop and stimulate OLPC-initiatives. They are doing that by generating publicity and raising funds. The city Pskov (Russia) has a town twinning with Nijmegen (The Netherlands) which makes it easier to introduce the first XO’s, because there are already relationships with all the involved parties. The city Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) is the other city to introduce the XO’s at a summer camp. This is the best way to determine the added value of the XO in a field experiment.

    • 0% completed
    • 30 Laptops, requested for 6 months
    • Status: Pending