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There are many OLPC Blogs in different languages. Some are aggregated into the OLPC Planet, which includes posts from dozens of OLPC supporters and contributors; and there is an official OLPC blog written mainly in English.

Sugar Blogs

News and overview blogs

OLPC has a number of blogs by project contributors. See the OLPC planet for an aggregation of popular blogs. To suggest a blog to be added to the planet, leave its name and a way to reach you below. There are also other interactive communication channels.

OLPC blog

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Community blogs

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You have a blog about the OLPC? Add it below. Please note whether you would like it to be added to the OLPC planet aggregator.

Blog name Region or topic Languages Comments
OLPC Ceibal Uruguay Spanish & English With updates from children Perú Spanish
Cambridge musings Cambridge, USA English summer internship blog (completed)
OLPC Canada: From the Field Canada English Field reports and program updates
OLPC Russia Russia Russian
OLPC Germany Germany German
Olpcaustria blog Austria English latest post: 01 January 2008
olpcaustria blog @ Austria English
OLPC Nepal Nepal Nepali
OLPC Asia Asia English/Chinese
OLPC Afghanistan Afghanistan English, Dari, Pashto
OLPC Afghanistan Dari Blog Afghanistan Dari
Khaled Hosny's Arabic Arabic & English I'd like to add it to the aggregator
OLPC Malaysia Malaysia Bahasa Melayu
XOs in Fiji South Pacific English School-based XOs
OLPC Morocco Morocco French & English you can add it to the aggregator
OLPC volunteers in New Zealand New Zealand English volunteers
West Papua Pilot Project West Papua English & Indonesian Please add to aggregator