OLPC Boston/Acton Star Party

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6th Annual 4th Grade Star Party

ACTON, Mass, 3 March 2008 -- The recently released XO StarChart Activity was a big hit with kids and parents at the 4th Grade Star Party held at the Parker-Damon School. The annual event attracted hundreds of kids and their parents for amateur stargazing and learning. Members of OLPC Boston demonstrated the Activity on three XO G1G1 laptops.

The XOs were so popular that the OLPC Boston display was the last one to leave the building. Many people extended their stay at the event to ask questions about the device and learn more about OLPC. Scheduled to run from 6 to 8pm, the XO display was finally closed down just before 10pm.

The StarChart Activity was created by OLPC Boston member davewa and is an impressive piece of work: showing the constellations and planets above any location on the planet! Just as impressive, this is the first program that davewa has written in Python. It's a Sugarized activity and well worth checking out, even for non-astronomers.

OLPC Boston members in attendance: davewa, Sjf, and AuntiMame.