OLPC Brainstorming how to get the Guinea Gvt interested in OLPC

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Key players to contact

  1. Minister of Education - ok done by JVLconsulting.tk during their trip in 2012 03
  2. President - ok done by JVLconsulting.tk during their trip in 2012 03
  3. Prime Minister - ok done by JVLconsulting.tk during their trip in 2012 03
  4. Guinea is traditionally a matriarchal organized society. So also lobby their wives. JVLconsulting.tk is now preparing an offer for a Leadership Development Initiative for and supported by the leading ladies of the country. One of the actions is to deploy a test-scale number of XO's and other point of use water and energy solutions proposed by JVLconsulting.tk

What is the problem of the Gvt? Show how and OLPC educational project can help them solve some of these problems, get them to agree and you're half way selling your project. €

  1. OLPC helps government leaders and powerful poeple get in contact with celebreties and get invited to the top world fora such as Davos and large corporate events of the main OLPC sponsors
  2. Win the re-elections
  3. Earn credits in the Transparency International's Global Corruption Barometer and Corruption Perceptions Index. The higher you are the more easy it will be for your government to attract money from private financiers, pension funds, banks, etc. and the more you become independent from government banks, the World Bank and the IMF. More: http://www.transparency.org
  4. Low risk as 100% implmentation in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and many other Island states where 100% of the kids and teacher have a such a laptop and boost see the educational system boosted by it
  5. Countries around you have started implementing the project
  6. Educate adults via the kids who take the laptops at home
  7. OLPC is an educational project, but at the same time you give every kid and family the smallest school in the world, unlimited access to learning, free webbooks, a Video smartphone, internet, radio, TV, remote medical diagnosis, access to internet banking, market prices for the farmers, ... you can reach everybody instantly.
  8. Empower people to solve their own problems
  9. Keep the initiative on your side, put pressure on your surrounding regions
  10. Win points with the international community, the IMF, UN, Unesco, World Bank, Brics countries and women
  11. Invest in your most valuable asset your country has: your youth
  12. The project generates CO2e certificates, hence pays itself back over time. 50% within the re-election term.
  13. Fast visible results on the field
  14. Great for marketing, media pick-up and coverage, great pictures