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OLPC - think globably, act locally _and_ globally

One of the initial ideas we had for OLPC Europe, was to bundle requests from and support for national/regional european OLPC groups, to help minimize the support burdon for laptop.org (so that "they" can focus on bringing laptops to children in the developing world). Many european groups face the same issues: how to make and get localized keyboards, how to localize the software, how to get 100 or 200 laptops for a pilot in a school, etc. - OLPC Europe could help here, as the many issues are the same for each country. And for sure, there are other ideas about what "OLPC Europe" should be...

By now we have founded a group of people, have written down our vision and made up a small homepage. This event intends to bring OLPC ethusiasts from Europe (and elsewhere!) together to further develop OLPC Europe.

Saturday, 23. February, 15:00 to 17:00 in Brussels (Belgium) at http://fosdem.org

Contact: holger@layer-acht.org / #olpc-europe on irc.freenode.net

See [1] for a full description and more planning