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Pilots by country


  • OLPC Europe/Pilots/Austria
  • Starting test projects with 3 or 4 schools, each one class (spring 08)
  • Contact: simon, aaron, tano, margery



the Netherlands

  • Dutch OLPC Pilot
  • http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_Netherlands
  • The first pilots in Dutch Schools have started in November 2008. Two schools in Maastricht twinning with 1 school in Nicaragua. More pilots are in development, also for visual impaired, dyslectic pupils, teleconsultation etc. See http://www.openwijs.nl/een-laptop-per-leerling-olpc. The not-for-profit foundation OpenWijs.nl is established to promote the concept of OLPC, to manage projects based on this educational concept and to broaden this concept to other target groups and regions. This foundation is not part of OLPC NL (grassroots group OLPC the Netherlands) but the people in the foundation are "member" of this group.



UK Digital Divide with a G1G1 dimension

  • Project: UK Digital Divide with a G1G1 twist.
  • Proposer: Mike Kiely
  • Other Contributors: programmers from Predictable Network Solutions
  • Audience or Impact; Our initial audience is BECTA, the UK GOV IT provisioning department for all Gov funded schools and colleges in the UK.
  • Brief Descriptions; Two objectives. 1) Get the OLPC on BECTA assessment list for the £30m project to help poor uk kids to get connected to the internet, with a proposal that any OLPC purchase would also purchase an equivalent number for a developing country. 2) We also wish to assess the OLPC as a communication device for other disadvantaged groups, by loading and testing the ekiga sip client on several UK Broadband connections. The notion is to support other disadvantaged groups to get connected.
  • Relevant expeience and other projects; 20 years creating and launching communication services in the UK.

if needing Xo; 2 XO's needed for 6 months, happy to purchase.