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On the first meeting, we basically agreed on these points (discussion still open):

1 OLPC Europe

We recognize, that under certain situations a european 
platform can make life easier for local OLPC 
grassroots, also for the newly starting ones, and for 
the people at the MIT. This platform shall under no 
circumstances be meddling with the local grassroots but 
instead help them to grow and flourish.

We propose the following very simple and basic common 
guidelines which shall help in forming this platform:

1.1 OLPC Europe IS

	1. a Forum / Platform for exchange between local 
	2. groups, towards MIT and back, European institutions 
	   and with other groups worldwide
	3. helping in organizing XOs for the local groups
	4. supporting and cherishing the autonomy of local groups
	5. focusing on rough consensus and running code

1.2 OLPC Europe IS NOT
	1. going to do a local pilot in your country
	2. going to tell you what you are allowed to do

1.3 Structure
	For being successful we propose the following 
	minimalistic structure:

	* a yearly rotating chair (> one person?)
	* a secretary (employed)
	* members
	* once per year a voting (at or after a to be defined 
	  open source conference)

1.4 Benefits for members
	* Better information
	* Being part of a European contributor / developer network
	* Calendar of events
	* Help in getting XOs

1.5 Obligations of members
	* Send out a regular newsletter of your achievements 
	  and your activities
	* Companies shall pay for membership

1.6 About
	We do hope that this minimalistic structure combines 
	best of both worlds: a little bit of structure for 
	being effective and the highest degree of autonomy of 
	local groups.