OLPC Firmware q2d05

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Withdrawn - see http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/5391 . Do not install this release. If you have it already, upgrade to Q2D07 or later.

OLPC Firmware Release q2d05 - 2007-11-27

This firmware is for the Ship.2 software release set. It includes fixes for some wireless networking problems and other issues affecting updates and manufacturing testing. It is supported on B3 and later systems. In addition, it has been tested to be safe (does not brick) on B1, B2-1, and preB3. Do not use it on pre-B1 boards - it will brick them because of the EC microcode. It does not work on Atest because support for Atest has been eliminated from the EC microcode.

Download: q2d05

See Cheat codes for information about how game buttons control startup options.

Changes since OLPC Firmware q2d04

Open Firmware is svn 741

  • OLPC Trac 5128 - Set RTC alarm day, alarm month, and century offset MSRs, and set century byte to 20.
  • OLPC trac 5029 - Fixed a problem that caused files written from OFW to be 0x400 bytes too short in certain cases.
  • OLPC trac 5022 - Fixed FAT size determination code in the face of crazy media type values, using Microsoft's recommended algorithm for determining whether to use FAT-12, FAT-16, or FAT-32.
  • OLPC trac #4982 - Discard cached JFFS2 scan info if the data changes on the NAND FLASH, so JFFS2 operations work correctly after copy-nand. Also added a couple of JFFS2 debugging tools - .dirinum and .finum ; nothing calls them. They display the nodes for a given inum.
  • OLPC trac 4981 - don't hang indefinitely if the suspend sequence fails to power down the CPU.
  • OLPC trac 4980 - fixed scan-nand display formatting glitches, and added rocker-up to invoke scan-nand in secure mode.
  • OLPC trac 4898 - fixed handling of deleted files.
  • OLPC Trac 4898 - support . and .. in pathnames on JFFS2.

WLAN firmware is 5.110.20.p1.bin (AKA 5.110.21.p1.bin

Tries to fix OLPC Trac 4470 and other nand/firmware updates via network issues. Note the os build uses its own copy of the firmware so this won't fix any WLAN bugs in the build. Does not turn on the mesh automatically

EC code is test4e

  • Blink Power light on suspend
  • SCI "Danger Zone" protection. Protection from SCI related Trac 1835[ab] hangs.
  • "Going into suspend" EC command 0x32 (Must issue prior to suspend)
  • SCI inhibit cancel EC command 0x34 (Issue if suspend fails)
  • AutoWak Mode (Auto wakeup from suspend)
    • EC command 0x33 enable/disable autowak
      • Arg 0x01 enable
      • Arg 0x00 disable

Installation Instructions

  • If you have a B1-B4 system:
    • Detailed upgrade instructions are located here.
    • If your firmware version is earlier than the version in Auto Install Image then you can just use that procedure for the update.
      Note: that this procedure will also upgrade the image in your nand flash -- which is the entire Linux operating system and all the files you may have edited or saved. This means it will ERASE what is in your nand and re-write it. So you will lose any data you have stored on the filesystem unless you back it up. If you do not want your files erased, then please use the first procedure above.
    • Do NOT use olpcflash to write new firmware images. Doing so will erase the manufacturing data that was added at the factory.
    • After you reflash, you must power cycle by physically removing power from the system. A warm-start or button-induced restart is not sufficient. Please remove both the battery pack and wall adapter for 10 seconds.
  • If you have an ATest system
    • Don't use this firmware. ATest support has been removed.