OLPC Firmware q7c04

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Works on XO-4 B1 and later only.

Breaks compatibility with some previous kernels, do not use without clear instructions. A known working kernel can be found here.

  • restore boot of legacy Android kernel, that is a kernel in the boot-alt directory without device tree support for dual core,
  • add support for display brightness default in manufacturing tag.
Download q7c04.rom
Build date time 2015-01-30 02:37:20 (UTC)
Source revision 3768
EC version EC 0.5.01
CForth version 120a08a8
WLAN 8686 version 9.0.7.p2
WLAN 8787 version 14.66.09.p80


Open Firmware

  • 3767 OLPC XO-4 - suppress device tree changes when booting alternate operating system, fixes <trac>12855</trac> with new kernel.
  • 3766 OLPC XO-4 - set display brightness to full on old displays, and to closest match on new displays, see <trac>12854</trac>.
  • 3765 OLPC - display test, add blue versus red gradient, unused.
  • 3764 OLPC XO-4 - mmp3-gic, testing completed, reduce verbosity.


  • 120a08a8 remove Matrix mode on message,
  • e232e285 OLPC XO-4 - lower display brightness.


  • none


  • none.