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This page only exists to record the "deployment" of laptops to donors in the USA who participated in the 2007 Give One Get One program. During the program, donors paid USD 399 for two XO laptops. The first laptop was yours to keep (the get 1 part) and the second one was donated to the program to be distributed in one of OLPC's partner countries (the give 1 part).

  • For deployments of laptops to regions for educational purposes, see Deployments.
  • For the 2008 G1G1 program, see OLPC G1G1 2008.

See also

There are many other pages on the wiki and elsewhere to support and help G1G1 participants and other donors, including:

Primary Language ,|x|Language spoken::x}}
Number of Laptops Number of manufactured laptops::78500
Keyboard Layout Keyboard::OLPC English Keyboard
Build ,|x|Software release::x}}
Date(s) Arrived in Country ,|x|Has received laptops on date::x}}
School Server ,|x|School server status::x}}
Deployment Status [[Deployment status::The 2007 Give One, Get One program ran until December 31st, 2007. See G1G1 2007]]