OLPC India Student Chapter

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OLPC India Student Chapter was an organization whose primary aim was to spread awareness about OLPC in India and unite the student manpower of various universities, colleges and schools. The organization was formed on 5th February 2008 at a seminar in Panjab University, Chandigarh.

IIT Roorkee Chapter

OISC demonstrated the XO laptop at IIT Roorkee on 28th March 2008. The video of the presentation is uploaded at Google Video and can be viewed HERE. Since then the IIT Roorkee Chapter was formed.

The Formation

The OLPC Student Chapter was formed on 5th February 2008 at a seminar in engineering department of Panjab University, Chandigarh. The seminar was presided by Dr. Daljit Singh (Former Counselor (Science & Tech.), Embassy of India in USA) and Dr. US Shivhare (Editor, International Journal of Food Technology, USA). A presentation on OLPC was delivered by three students of engineering department. The OLPC project got overwhelming response of the audience (numbering about 100 people) and the organization came into effect.

The Presentation

The powerpoint presentation of OISC can be downloaded from HERE.

The powerpoint presentation that was delivered on 5th February 2008 is available HERE for download.

The video of the presentations are uploaded on Google Video:

Tasks & Projects

The Student Chapter had rolled out some projects and tasks.

Tasks - OISC had opened up some tasks in which anybody could participate and most of these didn't require any previous skills and with time requirement varying from 5 minutes to a few days. These tasks could be taken up by anybody or a group of people.

Projects - OISC was working on a couple of content development projects. The main objective of these projects was to demonstrate how OLPC XO laptop can be useful to transform education system in India so that learning is more like playing.

A Great Google Tool

The Google Indic Tranliteration is a great tool to type in Hindi without knowing Hindi keyboard layout. Anybody working in Hindi can benefit from this.


The founder members are Bhola Nath, Gaurav Chachra, Rahul Vats.