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This is an English translation of the main OLPC Indonesia page, which is written in Indonesian.

For community OLPC projects around Indonesia, please see -- and help maintain: http://olpcMAP.net/?go=indonesia

This is a page for Indonesians interested in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, and people interested in the OLPC project in Indonesia. For information about OLPC, read the overview. We are currently trying to gather interest in starting a grassroots OLPC Indonesia group - please add your name to the list below if you are interested (in order to start a group, we need at least 10 people, with at least 1 person volunteering to lead). Contact Mel Chua with any questions (mel (at) laptop (dot) org). See this tutorial if you are new to wikis.

I'm interested!

Please join the OLPC-Indonesia mailing list and post a hello message. You can also read though the list archives.


Place links to projects you'd like to start (create a new wiki page if necessary) or projects that are already ongoing involving OLPC work in Indonesia or for Indonesian children.

  • Project
  • Project

Past OLPC activity in Indonesia

Please add to this list if you find any information about Indonesians interested in or contributing to the OLPC project.

Interesting background reading