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KIPUG User group in Bakersfield, CA

   We have 5 members that participated in in the Give 1 Get one sale. We are starting to use and explore the laptops in our Linux SIG. We will be presenting to our members in the near future. More to come.

It's possible that we will have a main meeting presentation of the XO Computer in March. We can be contacted by email at (President@KIPUG.org). Our next meeting is Feb 14 and is open to the public.

We will have an XO computer presentation on March 13 at 7pm. The meeting location is the Kern superintendent of Schools building on the corner of 17th and L streets, Bakersfield CA. The public is welcome. Four of our members have an XO computer and will demonstrate them. There will also be an exploration of the various internet sites supporting the XO computer. Any questions can be directed to the above email.