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Upcoming meetings


Our next meeting will be on June 14, 2009 at 9pm Philippines time (6am US PST, 9am US EST) on #sugar-meeting in Freenode. (This channel has an automatic logging bot that we can use.)

Connection information

This is an IRC (internet relay chat) channel; if you are new to IRC, you can use Mibbit which is an in-browser client. Set the "IRC:" (server) box to Freenode, the "Nick:" to whatever name you want to be known by, and the "Channel:" to #sugar-meeting as shown, then click "Go." You should be placed into chat. If you have issues, please contact Mchua (mel at laptop dot org).



Note: This is a high level organizational meeting (we can schedule work-sprints when we figure out what people want to do next), and we will be firmly sticking to the agenda, so if you want to bring up anything else, edit this page before the meeting starts. ;) Any additional questions pertaining to topics outside of the Agenda will be answered separately via e-mail or by people who are willing to stay afterwards.

  1. Introductions - who is everyone, what are they working on, what are you interested in?
  2. Updates on Action Items (What were the action items? Mchua 02:29, 9 June 2009 (UTC))
  3. Organizational issues
    1. name registration?
    2. mission
    3. logo
    4. teams?
  4. Model to adopt/ framework
    1. waveplace.com
    2. OLEnepal
    3. OLPC-Australia
    4. Boston grassroots pilots
  5. Schedule next meeting
    1. Potential topic: Mechanics of Launching a Pilot/Deployment, if people are interested in hearing Mchua talk about that
    2. Other ideas?
  6. What are people going to do before the next meeting?

Past meetings