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This is an unscheduled software release. See also OLPC 656 Software Release Notes.


Memory over-run; touchpad issues; include OFW
Date proposed
Target date
week of 2008-01-15
Trac items
5800 - summary bug/ OFW update.
  • 5317 - filling NAND
  • 2804 - mouse jumps to lower right of display
NOT ADDRESSED: 5744, 5719
normal. Release should occur before the scheduled Update.1.
C. Scott Ananian
Reviewers should include: Bernie, Andres, Jim, Scott, Dave Woodhouse, Tomeu, WMB, Ivan
Special testing required
  • Manufacturing: all SKUs, ASAP
  • Field: automated upgrade to all machines running 650 or 653.
OLPC_SW-ECO_2 Checklist (initially cloned from USR_Checklist)

Issue list

  1. If you create a large file that effectively fills the NAND memory, you will not be able to boot the laptop.
    • Critical bug as data is lost
    • Root cause: The proximate cause is the Journal copying a large file to NAND, a bug we are addressing elsewhere. But that the system react so badly as to become unable to boot adds insult to injury. We are only trying to fix the boot piece of this problem for Ship.2, with other fixes in Update.1 for the complex scenario of events (Journal, jffs2, etc.).
  2. Sometimes when you touch the touchpad, the mouse will jump to the lower right of the display. (Note that this bug fix will not fix ALL problems with jumpy mouse or touchpad issues).
    • Some laptops touchpads are so sensitive as to be unusable.
    • Root cause: The touchpad erroneously reports 0,0 coordinates when it should not. The patch ignores reported 0,0 coordinates.
  3. We inadvertently included an earlier version of the firmware with the OS image in 653; so this build will include the latest firmware, which helps to recover if the internal battery is dislodged.
    • When the laptop is moved or shipped there is a possibility that the battery will be dislodged and the laptop will no longer boot.

Proposed Fix(es)

Patches for Memory and Touchpad issues are included in the trac items.

Changed packages, from 653:

  • olpcrd 0.39, to address trac #5317
  • bootfw q2d07, no trac bug other than trac #5800
  • kernel 0:2.6.22-20071231.2.olpc.83e0631da83a269, to address trac #2804

Suggested tests

  1. Specific tests include creating the NAND memory problem following the description in the Trac item.
  2. The touchpad must continue to work after upgrade; and should NOT show any jumping to lower right of display. This can only be a negative test since it is not possible to force this behavior.
  3. Automated upgrading - this needs to be tested on a small number of laptops in house and then on a larger number of developers laptops; then finally rolled out, possibly in a controlled fashion.
    • Set the timezone and language parameters from sugar-control-panel before upgrade; ensure they are still there after
    • Use activities that save files before upgrade; ensure they are still there after
    • Download flash before upgrade: Adobe_Flash; ensure that it is still there after
    • Install/test a printer before upgrading: Enabling_CUPS; is it still there afterwards
  4. The build must be installed on MP and B4 systems
  5. Upgrades from the previous release.
  6. A Fresh install (as mfg).
  7. 1 Hour Smoke test both using a fresh installation and an upgraded installation, looking specifically for regressions from the release reports.
  8. More than one SKU and keyboard type are to be used during this testing, to catch regressions in keyboard identification.

Test Results

NAND Memory test

  1. Following the same steps as found in <trac>5719</trac>, on build 653 first.
    • I was not able to shutdown after filling NAND. I held the power button to shut it down.
    • On boot up, it was not successful in booting sugar and the final text msg was: 'No space left on device'. I could not get a prompt or do anything else other than cleaninstall. I believe on a WP laptop this would have looked like a hang in boot up.
    • I repeated the test after cleaninstall to 656, and had to use the power button to shut down the laptop in the same way.
    • On boot up, it failed to boot into sugar, but cycled on restarting X. When it got tired of that I was able to get a linux prompt with Ctl-Alt-mesh, which I believe would be the same response on a WP laptop, but I can't test that since 656 is not signed.
    • Next I removed the files in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/data and rebooted. Now boots into sugar and the data is still available in the journal.


  1. So far no problems seen with touchpads. I have about 5 laptops running 656.


  1. Cleaninstall boots up properly on MP and B4; connects to open AP and WPA AP; loads and runs activities.
  2. Network upgrade: I successfully upgraded from the network on 2 laptops.
  3. Automated upgrade:
    • Some laptops at 650, some at 653, some write protected, some not wp, one laptop at joyride build
    • (Waiting for signed build for this testing)

Generic Tests

  1. One hour smoke test: pretty much the same results as 653: Test Group Release Notes
  2. Laptops with Spanish keyboard comes up in Spanish. Please see keyboard/language test results for ship2.2 here: Language test results


Test: This build has not uncovered any new critical problems that were not already uncovered. The memory problem has a work around that will only help for very technical people. There is no support for the new keyboards that will come out before Update1, but they will boot up in English and match the keyboard. No problems found in initial upgrade testing.

No new problems found in the automated upgrade with signed build.

Final test

Final test included automated update of 10 laptops; some from 650 and some from 653; some were write protected and others were not; one was at joyride 1535. All but the non-write protected joyride laptop upgraded with 24 hours of the start. The joyride laptop had not upgraded when writing this up, but we believe it will over time.

Kim, Scott oversaw this testing.