USR Checklist

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For current information on OLPC software release processes, see Release Process Home

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The content of this section is considered
It is preserved for historical or documenting reasons.

This page lists the sign-offs required to advance through the Unscheduled software release process. Consult that page for additional details on each step and sign-off.


This section should be completed by the Triage team.

USR Name:
USR Target date:
USR wiki page:
USR Champion:
Proposal approved: (date and Triage team signature)

Candidate build

This section should be completed by the build master.

Build number:
Packages added/changed/removed:
(each package diff should have a trac # and/or rationale)


This section should be completed by the QA lead.

Build tested:
 Specific issue testing:            ___
 1 hour smoke test:                 ___
 Fresh install:                     ___  
 Upgrade testing:                   ___  List builds tested from:
 Downgrade testing:                 ___  List builds tested to:
 Tested on C2 and C3:               ___
 Tested on NiMH batteries:          ___
 Tested on Intl English keyboard:   ___
 Tested on Spanish keyboard:        ___
 Tested on other keyboards:         ___  List keyboards:
 Open, WEP, and WPA APs tested:     ___  List brands, if appropriate:
 New hardware tested, if supported: ___
 Field testing, if possible:        ___

Release to signature/final test: (date and QA lead signature)

Additional comments, if any:


This section should be completed by the security team.

Build to be signed:
Keys to be used:
Security-critical components
  olpcrd version (rpm -q olpcrd):
    Signed off by/date: ________________________________________

  Firmware/OFW version (/ofw/openprom/model; check against rpm -q bootfw):
    Signed off by/date: ________________________________________

  Firmware/EC version: (/ofw/ec-name):
    Signed off by/date: ________________________________________

  Kernel version: (uname -r):
    Signed off by/date: ________________________________________

Signatures above certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the above components are at least as secure as other components signed with these keys.

This section should be completed by the build engineer.

 Appropriate sign-offs present above:          ___
 Versions in build match those approved above: ___
 QA lead sign-off under 'Test' above:          ___
 Packages in build match those expected:       ___

Checklist sign-off: (date and build master signature)

Final test

This section should be completed by the QA lead.

Build tested:
 1 hour smoke test:                    ___ (catch signature process regressions)
 USB stick fresh install on wp laptop: ___
 USB stick upgrade on wp laptop:       ___
 Network upgrade on wp:                ___
 Other testing (describe):

Sign-off for release: (date and QA lead signature)

This section should be completed by the release team.

Approved build number:
OS version:
Firmware/OFW version:
Firmware/EC version:
Wireless firmware version:

Champion sign off: (date and champion signature)
Release team final sign off on USR: (date and release team signature)

Given three signatures above, the USR build can be published as official.