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This is a software release. See also 8.1.1 release notes.


Date proposed
Target date
Date releasted
high. Haiti and Ethiopia require localized keyboards.
Michael Stone
Reviewers should include: Kim, Walter, Sayamindu
Special testing required
  • Manufacturing: none
  • Field: manual reflash and customization to all machines destined for Haiti and Ethiopia
OLPC_SW-ECO_5 Checklist (initially cloned from USR_Checklist)

Issues (Open, Fixed, Partially Fixed, Mysterious, and Not Fixed)

Open Issues
#7014 - - 8.1.1 Candidate Builds
Keyboard Issues
#6973 - (m_stone:+) - Production problem: Haiti keyboard doesn't match keyboard mappings
#6945 - (m_stone:+) - MFG Problem: Ethiopian keyboards don't provide English characters
Library Issues
#6631 - - olpc-utils/customization key coordination
#6767 - - Installation of library content on update.1-702
PenTablet Issues
#5268 - (m_stone:+) - Tablet mode is broken.
#6079 - (m_stone:+) - In joyride 1542, one touchpad button click is interpreted as 2 clicks
#1002 - (m_stone:+) - Stylus area can not move to underside on XO
#4260 - (m_stone:+) - evdev_drv does not work with GS in absolute mode
Networking Tickets
#4616 - - Mesh doesn't resume from suspend on reciept of multicast packets
#6709 - - beaconing while monitoring
#4927 - - firmware beacon interval gets reset by other operations
#6589 - - xo stops responding to mesh path requests frames
#6869 - - Firmware release - 5.110.22.p9
#6823 - - Active antenna mesh parameters cannot be changed
#6818 - - Driver does not set link level multicast addresses into firmware when ip address assigned to mesh interface
#6527 - - Mesh does not forward multicast packets (most of the time)
#5746 - - msh0 interface with a bogus name (msh0_rename)
#6917 - - usb wired connection broken in Update.1 703
Sugar Tickets
#3486 - - palette invoker gap is sometimes missing
#3611 - (erikos:+) pressing a button in frame "disconnects" button from palette
#4084 - (m_stone:½) (erikos:-) palette persist over zoom levels
#5904 - (erikos:+) GUI problem updating buddies clustered around shared activity
Firmware Tickets
#7112 - - Indexed I/O should be disabled for early serial interaction

Testing Results

Upgrade from G1G1 from January (sorry forgot to write down firmware version) Had to use separate activity method anyway.

Upgrade went fine, but failed on the activity pack install from USB drive. Using a 4gb Greenhouse usb2.0 drive. Ended up using Berts script to install activities successfully.

rsync upgrade method worked fine over a linksys wrvs4400n and continues to work well.

Nothing else to report, but keen to see a fix for the SD corruption.

Final test