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OLPC SF Community Summit 2011


Registration is open! ($40 regular / $25 students)


Planning is under way. Your input is welcome!

Photos & Videos


All event photos on http://flickr.com/islandgal/sets/72157627973213536 - taken by http://twitter.com/julierb

Photos from Friday Oct 21 - http://on.fb.me/oSESsk - taken by http://twitter.com/julierb

Photos from Saturday Oct 22 - http://on.fb.me/n5DHlt - taken by http://twitter.com/julierb

Poster Contest of the many Fantastic Projects around the Globe - http://on.fb.me/pSKK4q

Nicholas Charbonnier's (Charbax, TM) videos/interviews are showing up at - http://olpc.tv and http://armdevices.net

Bill Stelzer's personal interviews etc - http://youtube.com/user/olpcsf

UStream panel recordings - http://www.ustream.tv/channel/olpc-san-francisco-community-summit-2011

Keep Your Eye On - http://olpcsf.org/CommunitySummit2011/media

Mark Battley's Pics - http://www.flickr.com/photos/ntugigroup/sets/72157628064512395/


October 21
Registration and Reception (5pm to 8pm)
October 22
Sessions (9am to 5pm)
Dinner Downtown SF (5pm to 8pm, about $20)
October 23
Sessions (9am to 5pm)
BBQ party 1hr NW in Bolinas (>6pm)

SFSU Downtown Campus (MAP)
835 Market St, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103 Note: This location is not the main campus. This is the same building as the new Westfield mall that houses Bloomingdale's. Look for the SFSU banner on Market St. between 4th and 5th streets, right next to Walgreens. Take the elevator to the 5th floor.

The nearest public parking garage is the Fifth and Mission garage [1]
Tips on driving and parking in San Francisco can be found at [2]
Street parking regulations in San Francisco tend to be strictly enforced

Organizing Teams

  • Schedule: Sameer Verma, Nina Stawski, Aaron Borden, Robert Howard, Hilary Naylor
  • Saturday evening: June Kleider, Carol Ruth Silver, Cherry Withers
  • Website/Marketing: Grant Bowman, Elizabeth Krumbach, Aaron Borden, Robert Howard, Julie Blaustein
  • Logistics/Space/GuestLodging: Sameer Verma, Carol Ruth Silver, Cherry Withers
  • Stuff/Loot: Travis Axtell, Mike Lee, Adam Holt, Elizabeth Barndollar, Nina Stawski

Schedule of sessions

This is a work in progress that is currently being updated

Note: There will be a pre-conference documentation sprint Friday October 21st, 2011. That planning session resulted in the April 2012 Help Activity refresh doc sprint.

Please also refer to the full (sometimes more up-to-date!) schedule here: http://olpcSF.org/CommunitySummit2011/schedule

Main rooms (scheduled)

SATURDAY October 22
Rm 553+ Education Track Rm 554+ Technology Track Rm 555+ Outreach Track
9:30 Registration, Meet & Greet
10:00 (17:00 UTC) Lesson plans: Glue between Curriculum and Sugar. Challenges and Opportunities of Community Development Projects Surrounding Education.
(Craig Perue, University of the West Indies, Dhara Shah and Savannah Prout, Illinois Institute of Technology)
Recent and upcoming developments in OLPC/Sugar.
(Daniel Drake, Sam Greenfeld)
A repository of health care modules.
(Gary Selnow, Chris Spirito, Sameer Verma)
11:15 15 Minute Break
11:30 (18:30 UTC) Things to Think with: Jam session using Tam Tam Jam. Slide show using Scratch. Fun with Physics. Mesmerize with Measure. Build with Lego.
(Caryl Bigenho, Nick Doiron, David Cosimano)
Revisiting the School Server.
(Bruce Baikie, Robert Howard, Tony Anderson, Sameer Verma)
Small Projects in Remote Places.
(Laura de Reynal, Nancie Severs)
12:45 Lunch!
13:45 (20:45 UTC) Speed Geek

How To Solar Guide. Liam Landoll, Illinois Institute of Technology

Servers in Classrooms. Neil Gupta, Illinois Institute of Technology

Lesson Plans across the Island. Craig Perue, Univ. of West Indies, Jamaica

Bypassing the School through Peer-to-Peer learning. Sameer Verma, SF State University

15:00 15 Minute Break
15:15 - 16:30 (22:15 - 23:30 UTC) Integrating OLPC/Sugar into the curriculum. Project-based learning.
(Cherry Withers, Sara Armstrong)
Communicating with XOs over Short-Wave Radio, USB Stick, a carrier pigeon, and school server updates
(Joachim Pedersen, Robert Howard)
How to volunteer in a Haiti community school (George Hunt, Nick Doiron, Tony Anderson, Adam Holt)
SUNDAY October 23
Rm 553 Education+ Track Rm 554 Technology+ Track Rm 555 Outreach+ Track
9:30 Registration, Meet & Greet
10:00 (17:00 UTC) Use of Etoys Kedama/Particle for Simulations: Yoshiki Oshima (Viewpoints Research) It Takes a Team: Solar PV Installation in Lascahobas, Haiti to Power 400+ OLPC XO Laptops
(IIT IPRO 335 Team - Laura Hosman, Simon Brauer, Dhara Shah, and Bruce Baikie)
Start-up resources for a small deployment
( Philippines team)
11:15 15 Minute Break
11:30 (18:30 UTC) Internet-Streamed Panel

OLPC Perceptions - Past, Present and Future.
(Ed McNierney, Giulia D'Amico, Claudia Urrea, SJ Klein, Mary Lou Jepsen)

12:45 (19:45 UTC) Raffle -Cool gear you cannot buy! In Recognition of Global Volunteers

13:45 (20:45 UTC) Internet-Streamed Panel

Small Deployment Challenges: What next?
(Christoph Derndorfer, Adam Holt, Nancie Severs, Cherry Withers, Laura de Reynal)

15:00 15 Minute Break
15:15 (22:15 UTC) Things Worthwhile Learning (Learning and Outcomes)
(Claudia Urrea)
Translating for Sugar.
(Tilila El-Moujahid)
Documenting projects
(Bill Stelzer, Mark Battley)
16:30 Summit Ends - drive to party
18:00 onwards! Party in Bolinas, Calif (ask for details in person!)

Topics for Room 556, 557 (unconference style?)

"Robots, Sensors and Widgets" : Play with Squishy Circuits, Microscope and Lego Wedo and Mindstorms.

Post your topic now! Summary minutes later!

Suggested Topics

Note: Tag each suggestion with Education, Technology, Outreach followed by your name(s)

  • The Role of Community Wireless Networks in the Production of Capital ( Education, Technology) Abdelnasser Abdelaal
  • Robots and Sensors (Education, Technology) --Sameer Verma
  • Speech and Reading (Education, Technology) --James Salsman
  • Jam session using Tam Tam Jam (Education) --Caryl Bigenho
  • Making slide shows using Scratch (Education) --Caryl Bigenho
  • Small deployment roundtable-aka Small Deployment Un-Conference (Outreach) --Caryl Bigenho
  • Making a small Sugar Activity: A mini-JAM! (Technology, Education) --Caryl Bigenho
  • Communicating with XOs using Short Wave radio (Technology) --Joachim Pedersen
  • Energy and Power - (Technology) --Bruce Baikie
  • USB Stick, a carrier pigeon and school server updates (Technology) --Robert Howard
  • XO Manual Refresh - Cherry Withers
  • University Student OLPC Efforts (Education) --Bruce Baikie
  • Poster displays in the hallway (Technology, Education, Outreach) --Bruce Baikie
  • It Takes a Team: Solar PV Installation in Lascahobas, Haiti to Power 400+ OLPC XO Laptops (Technology) --IIT IPRO 335 Team - Laura Hosman, Simon Brauer, Dhara Shah, and Bruce Baikie
  • Integrating OLPC into an existing class room curriculum (education) --Cherry Withers
  • Project-based learning (Education) --Cherry Withers, Sara Armstong
  • Summer Pygames (Education, Technology) --Travis Axtell
  • Working with deployments and upstream projects (Technology) --Bernie Innocenti
  • Updates on hardware 1.75 and 3? --Special guests
  • Setting up a school repair and maintenance program (technology) --Bruce Baikie, Joachim Pedersen
  • How to start a project (Education, Technology, Outreach) Talat Khan, Outreach only; --?
  • Kids! (Education, Technology, Outreach) --Larry Cafiero & Co., Cherry Withers
  • Revisiting the School Server (Education, Technology) --Bruce Baikie, Robert Howard, Ben Tran, Tony Anderson
  • Issues with translating for Sugar (Technology) --Tilila El Moujahid
  • The three "C"s to OLPC Projects - Content, Connection, and Current (technology) --Bruce Baikie
  • Screens (technology) - Mary Lou Jepsen and John Ryan
  • Recent and upcoming developments in OLPC/Sugar (Technology) (Daniel Drake)
  • Presenting UndercoverUXO, a Land Mine Risk Education Game Activity for the XO. (Education) (Outreach) --Nancie Severs


Registration is open! ($40 regular / $25 students)

Who's attending

  • Sameer Verma
  • Dawn-Elissa Fischer
  • Yoshiki Ohshima
  • Alex Kleider
  • Caran Colvin
  • Cherry Withers
  • Srikanth Danapal
  • Danese Cooper
  • Tilila El Moujahid
  • Nina Stawski
  • Ryan Singer
  • Carol Ruth Silver
  • Jay Ly
  • Ben Tran
  • Adam Holt
  • Tony Anderson
  • George Hunt
  • Caryl Bigenho
  • Edward Bigenho
  • Craig Perue
  • Mary Lou Jepsen
  • Tanya Kleider
  • Nancy Hayes
  • Meg Simpson
  • Larry Cafiero
  • Bruce Baikie
  • Henry Villar
  • Alolita Sharma
  • Lutfus Sayeed
  • June Kleider
  • Salim Amin
  • Zaheda Bhorat
  • Uni Erfurt
  • Abdul Saleem Achakzai
  • Kevin Gordon
  • Adam Gordon
  • Mark Battley
  • Daniel Drake
  • Bernie Innocenti
  • Laura Hosman
  • Simon Brauer
  • Dhara Shah
  • Travis Axtell
  • Beth Santos
  • William Stelzer
  • Nancie Severs
  • Laura de Reynal
  • Brent Williams
  • Christoph Derndorfer
  • Aaron Strick
  • Tuukka Hastrup
  • John Ryan
  • Tanja Kohn

Maybe Attending

  • Aaron Borden
  • Utkarsh Verma
  • Luis Murillo
  • Joachim Pedersen
  • Aaron Anderson
  • Matt Vieyra
  • David Van Assche
  • Jeff Bragg
  • Alexander Mock
  • Aaron Anderson
  • Jerome Gotangco
  • SJ Klein
  • Talat Khan
  • Musa Aziz
  • Brewster Kahle
  • Fabrice Urrizalqui
  • Nick Doiron (via Skype from Haiti)
  • Abdelnasser Abdelaal
  • James Salsman
  • Jonathan Ragot
  • Laura de Reynal
  • Gary Martin
  • Ben Sheldon
  • Benjami Mako Hill
  • Jennifer Martino
  • OLPC Poland Community Ambassador (Dominik or Jakub?)
  • Marina Zdobnova
  • Katelyn Doran
  • Shaun Pickford
  • Rabi Karmacharya
  • Greg Grossmeier
  • Aaron Grill
  • Jaime Meza