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Thulani Madondo who leads Kliptown Youth Program is at United Nations. He is in US from the 18 May to 13 June 2008.He will be sharing with the world on how families can donate XO laptops to organizations. The Kliptown Youth Program joined the One here... One there team in Haenertsburg from 10-23 August 2008 for the deployment of 100 XO laptops. Visit the following links to read more about their experiences http://iuohot.blogspot.com/ and http://www.kliptownyouthprogram.org


Paul Commons is coming to Pretoria (Hanaertsburg) in August 2008 with a team of volunteers to deploy 100 XOs through the Give Many program.


Cape Town

  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
    • 08 May 2007 - Cape Linux Users Group - "Developing Activities For Sugar" More information: [1]
    • 19/20 April 2007 - OLPC-ZA will be running a stand and showing off the XO during the Digital Freedom Expo at the University of the Western Cape.


Government Initiatives

Independent Organisational Initiatives

Shuttleworth Foundation


  • The Grassroots community Organization South Africa

Private Sector Initiatives

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http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/olpc-za/ http://www.indiana.edu/~iuohot/